Risk-Based Maintenance

A Risk-Based Maintenance methodology

Many organisations faithfully follow manufacturer’s recommendations for their preventive maintenance routines. This may be for the reason of warranty or because they believe that the manufacturer knows the equipment best. The truth is he doesn’t. Rarely does a manufacturer understand the operational circumstance of an asset – be it the environment, levels of support, the level of care during operation or the availability of a standby.

Some organisations have tried taking a risk-based approach to the development of PMs for their assets but have found the process too drawn out and the results achieved not worth the effort.

MCP has developed a Risk-Based Maintenance methodology that ensures PMs are developed that take into account all operational circumstances and at the same time focuses time and effort in the right place by ensuring the right methodology is applied taking into account the overall risk to the business of asset failure.

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Complex analysis of assets

Our process for the developed of risk-based maintenance routines not only ensures the asset’s operational context is considered but also ensures the correct time and effort is not wasted performing complex analysis of assets whose failure has little or no impact on the business

Our process starts with a criticality assessment or risk assessment for each asset which is answering the questions “If this asset fails what is the impact on the business?” and “How likely is this failure?”. Care has to be taken when answering these questions as the tools and techniques required to address failure with a high impact are different to those need to address failure with a high probability. The process is shown below:

MCP's process for Risk Based Maintenance

Those assets whose failure has the biggest effect on business operations are those subjected to detailed analysis using FMECA (Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis) or RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance). Assets who have a lesser effect are analysed using simpler and faster techniques such as REM (Review of Existing Maintenance).

MCP’s approach utilises the knowledge and experience of both operators and maintainers by facilitating cross-functional teams.

FMECA or RCM can reduce maintenance activity

Successful application of risk-based techniques such as FMECA or RCM can reduce maintenance activity by up to 50% with corresponding reductions in maintenance costs and improvements in asset reliability.

Intangible benefits such as better team working shared understanding of asset-related issues and a better understanding of an asset’s capabilities are also realised.

Can FMECA or RCM reduce maintenance activity?

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Can FMECA or RCM reduce maintenance activity?

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