Reliability Improvement


Many organisations lament about how ‘unreliable’ their assets are and point the finger of blame firmly at the engineers. In truth, maintenance is just one contributory factor to poor reliability and simply trying to improve maintenance will not improve reliability to the level it should be if all the other factors are not addressed.

MCP has developed a proven Reliability Improvement methodology for improving an asset’s reliability which has often led to the worse performing asset quickly becoming the best-performing asset with improvements not only in uptime but reduced annual maintenance costs.



MCP’s holistic approach to reliability improvement ensures all contributory factors are investigated and appropriately addressed. The process follows a top down and bottom up approach and is described below:

Reliability Improvement Approach

The approach ensures factors such as:

  • Design
  • Quality of installation
  • Environment
  • Operating methods and standards
  • Support availability e.g. technical knowledge, spare parts provisioning etc
  • Effectiveness of Preventive Maintenance routines

The process actively engages with the maintenance, operations and project staff of the organisation ensuring sustainable improvements are made for both existing and new installations.


Our approach to reliability improvement has delivered substantial tangible benefits to our clients in the area of:
Increased uptime of assets

  • Reduced annual maintenance expenditure
  • Reduced inventory
  • Capital avoidance – improved asset performance has led to the cancelling of planned capital projects often saving clients > £1m
  • Improved project delivery through better understanding of Early Equipment Management needs

The approach also delivers intangible benefits, including:

  • Improved understanding of asset capability
  • Improved team working between maintenance, operations and projects through sharing of understanding
  • Improved utilization of maintenance skills maintenance technicians spend less time ‘fixing’ problems and more time preventing them

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