PM Rationalisation / REM (Review of Existing Maintenance)

Effectively analyse PMs

Explaining PM Rationalisation / REM (Review of Existing Maintenance). Many clients recognise that the PMs they are carrying out aren’t effective. How can they be? We complete hours of PMs each month and yet we are still suffering breakdowns?

Typically these clients will then embark on improving their PMs using risk-based techniques such as FMECA or RCM or similar. All excellent techniques and all will deliver substantial improvements. The trouble is these techniques all take time and clients often find the effort required to organise teams and analyse the equipment unsustainable, especially for low criticality equipment.

MCP has developed a technique that allows teams to quickly and effectively analyse their PMs and ensure they are fit for purpose. This process is called REM – Review of Existing Maintenance – and has been used successfully by many of our clients with substantial savings in terms of man-hours and improvements in asset reliability.

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Fit for purpose maintenance routines

The issue is that for many assets in terms of the maintenance required the ‘What’ is well known, what is not known is the ‘When’. For example thinking of a car engine we all know that you have to change the oil and filters, replace the spark plugs, check engine mountings, replace timing belts etc. The when very much depends on how we drive the car, how often we drive the car and the conditions we drive the car in.

Our REM process can be considered a reverse FMECA or RCM. If these two techniques start with the asset and develop the correct maintenance routines our REM process starts with the established maintenance routines and ensures they are fit for purpose. We do this by taking into account statutory and operational requirements and by looking at the failures modes the existing maintenance is addressing.

We often find that existing maintenance is being performed far too often, risking the introduction of early life failures and that is not effectively addressing the actual failure modes being experienced.

The REM process follows the process shown:

MCP's Review of Existing Maintenance Process

MCP's Review of Existing Maintenance Process

Value-adding activities

The REM process is much quicker and, therefore, more sustainable than a traditional RCM/ FMECA study and is particularly applicable for lower criticality assets.

Following the REM process, an MCP client saw the number of PMs their technicians had to complete fall from 7500 to under 2500, at the same time the reliability of their equipment improved with the MTBF for some assets doubling.

The removal of ineffective PM also meant that the technicians had more time to complete more value-adding activities such as Root Cause Investigations and Continuous Improvement. The level of CI performed by the technicians went from around 7% to over 20%.

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