Engineering Business Process


At MCP, we have a proven track record of making sustainable improvements in Engineering Business Process and maintenance processes whether they are necessary because new technology is being introduced or to improve inefficient practices.

We take a holistic view and recognise that no single change can be a lasting one without the appropriate underpinning and changes in other areas of the business.


Our approach to Engineering Business Process is simple and relies on six stages:

  • Identify the purpose of this process (including any subprocesses)
  • Value stream maps how this process is currently working
  • Identify any touch points with other processes/ departments
  • Identify the gaps in the shortfall of the performance or inefficiencies
  • Develop and map the new process
  • Implement a change program

Our proven approach ensures that two vital elements are not overlooked

  • Touchpoints with other processes
  • The people

A business process is like a relay race, information is passed from one person/ department to another at the transitions – it is here that there is the greatest opportunity to drop the baton. Unless proposed changes to these interfaces are correctly identified and mapped you can end up with one part of the business working in a completely different way to that expected by the others.

Any change to a management process will require people to work in a new way, unless this change is managed effectively people will fall back to their old ways of working, ultimately they will ‘do the wrong thing for the right reason’ i.e. not follow the new process due to lack of belief and understanding with the result that the new process fails


Engineering Business Process will improve your business if carried out correctly – if not will introduce inefficiencies and frustrations that will lead to people reverting to their old ways of working.

At MCP, we are experienced at managing each stage of the BPR process, whether this requires technical process mapping of new technologies or competency-based assessments of personnel.

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