CMMS Selection


CMMS selection needs careful consideration. The purchase and selection usually represent a major capital investment and many of the systems fall into disuse, usually within a very short period of time. Few, if any, are ever used to their full potential. One of the main reasons for this is that the wrong system is being purchased.

MCP has developed a methodology that ensures a system that is ‘fit for purpose’ is selected, a process that can save you £10K’s in capital outlay and help ensure the system delivers the benefits you expect.


MCP’s six stage approach puts the business first and ensures you select the right tool for the job.

CMMS Selection Maintenance

We take the view that the CMMS is a tool within the maintenance management system – it is not the maintenance management system. Once we have identified the systems that ‘best fit’ your needs we use our experience of working with suppliers to help you select a short list of potential suppliers that takes into account not only the technical functionality of the system but important business factors such as after sales support and system development. We will also help you identify the potential benefits streams and thereby a justification for a system that works.


Our approach not only ensures you select the correct system but saves you the time and expenses of having to re-engineer all your maintenance process to suit the design of the CMMS. Why would you spend valuable capital on a system and redesign your processes all for a system that no one will use? And yet many organisations do just that. Our approach ensures that doesn’t happen to you.

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