CMMS Implementation


The cost of a CMMS can range from £20k to £100’s of thousands and yet the biggest cost is not the purchase of the system – it is the CMMS implementation.

Many organisations fail to recognise this and, as a result, have to fast track the implementation so that it becomes an installation of an IT system rather than the implementation of a system that supports the maintenance function in all its aspects and delivers real benefits to the business.

CMMS Implementation

Installation – loading of software onto PC and Servers.
Implementation – Realisation of business benefits.


MCP’s twelve stage approach ensures the software is implemented and delivers the benefits upon which its justification was based. The most important part of any management system is the people and our strong project and change management practices ensure that people understand their role in the system and are trained appropriately.

MCP's approach to CMMS Implementation

The strength of our implementation process is that it focusses on the people, providing them with an understanding of the overall ‘system’ and detailed understanding of their role within it, not just showing them which field to put information into on a computer screen.


Our process is completely tailorable and works just as well with single site implementation of entry level system as it does with blue chip multinationals with requirements for validation and compliance with CFR21 part 11 and GAMP. It ensures your implementation meets with any industry requirements for FATs and SATs or installation qualifications (IQ) and that your system delivers the benefits you want.

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