Maintenance services

Reliability Improvement

Improving an asset’s reliability often leads to the worse performing asset quickly becoming the best-performing asset with improvements not only in uptime but reduced annual maintenance costs.

Risk-Based Maintenance

Many organisations faithfully follow manufacturer’s recommendations for their preventive maintenance routines. This may be for the reason of warranty or because they believe that the manufacturer knows the equipment best.

PM Rationalisation / REM (Review of Existing Maintenance)

Many clients recognise that the PMs they are carrying out are not effective. How can they be? We complete hours of PMs each month and yet we are still suffering breakdowns?

Condition Assessment

Our condition assessment or equipment survey experts, understand that many organisations struggle to plan for remaining life, capital requirements, service charge calculations even though they are carrying out regular equipment performance reviews.

Strategy Development and Deployment

The word strategy often conjures up images of complicated and often disjointed plans that very few people understand how they contribute to.

CMMS Selection

A CMMS represents a major capital investment – yet many of the systems fall into disuse within a short period of time. Our six-stage approach ensures you select the right tool for the job.

CMMS Implementation

Our twelve-stage approach ensures the software implemented delivers the right benefits. Importantly, the people involved understand their role in the system and are trained appropriately.

Outsourcing Methodology

MCP has developed an outsourcing methodology that ensures the partner chosen is the best fit for your business. Taking the lead from the oil and gas industry and Public Finance Initiatives (PFI) outsourcing become the thing to do.

Contract Review / Development

Our extensive knowledge in reviewing and establishing contracts ensures that your contracts meet your requirements and contain the correct balance of risk and reward.

Engineering Business Process

Our experience of Engineering Business Process and making sustainable improvements in maintenance and our holistic approach recognises that no single change can be lasting without the underpinning of other areas of the business.