HR Policies & Compliance

Meet your legal HR obligations

Investing and creating the right culture, develops a positive working environment, where staff feel valued and engaged.

Our HR Policies & Compliance service allows clients to focus on the running of their business rather than worrying about meeting their legal obligations and complexities when hiring, engaging and retaining staff.

The HR Policies & Compliance service offers a wealth of information, best practices, tools, policies, procedures and templates tailored to meet your requirements. These are regularly updated to reflect changes to UK employment law.

Types of consultancy include:

  • Contracts & Handbooks
  • HR Health Checks
  • HR Policies

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The HR Policies & Compliance service in detail

  • Following a conversation with our experienced HR Manager to determine your needs, we will create bespoke and legally compliant contracts of employment, HR policies and Employee Handbooks.
  • We can either adapt any current documents you have in place to ensure they are legally compliant or create new templates from scratch.
  • Or, why not take advantage of our HR Health-Checks designed to evaluate your current HR compliance.
  • This will be completed by an experienced HR Manager following either
    a) a visit to a client’s site,
    b) telephone/video call with client or
    c) a self-audit.
  • The outcome will be reviewed with you in detail via a report which will provide recommendations to ensure compliance.

Why you need this HR service?

  • All employers are legally required to provide a written statement of the terms and conditions of employment within their first two months.
  • As businesses grow it is vital to also have a set of policies which help to set the tone, culture and expectations for staff – tailor-made HR policies will help to do that, ensuring everyone is clear about their role.

Are your HR policies compliant to UK employment law?

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Are your HR policies compliant to UK employment law?

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