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Our full HR service portfolio offers solutions that cover all requirements, from day to day support through to complex change projects. This means you can count on getting the correct measure of support and expertise when you need it.

Employment law continues to become more complex, the costs of getting it wrong have never been higher!

Contact our expert HR teams who will provide support at every step including tools & resources such as meeting scripts and letters, we’ll also come out and do an investigation for you to provide reassurance that a case is being handled correctly and mitigate your risk.

Type of consultancy:

  • HR & Employment Law Advice Line
  • Investigations, Disciplinaries & Grievances
  • Absence & Performance

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The HR Advice & Employee Relations in detail

  • You can contact our advice line on a pay as you go basis as and when you need a professional opinion.
  • We’ll agree over the phone any additional support needed such as template meeting scripts and letters
  • Or you can subscribe to an advice line package where you’ll receive regular support from our senior team.
  • Almost like having your HR support in-house but at a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR professional.
  • We can also provide an independent investigatory service to help you through any tricky situations regarding misconduct, performance, sickness absence or grievance issues.

Why you need this service?

  • Whilst knowing how to manage a process is vital, understanding the relevant law and its interpretation is the difference between compliance and failure.
  • This is where our advice line or investigation service will provide you with support at every step of the way
  • Investigations must be carried out promptly, and in line with your company’s disciplinary and grievance procedure. Tribunals take a dim view in cases where this does not happen.
  • For investigations, it is also best practice to select an investigating officer who is not the employee’s manager.
  • This can be problematic for smaller businesses who may not have this level of resource. This is where our independent service can be exceptionally beneficial.

Not getting the correct measure of HR support?

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Not getting the correct measure of HR support?

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