Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway


Introducing the Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway – Asset Monitoring Solution

An affordable cloud-based monitoring solution for your assets gives you real-time visibility of asset performance, no matter where your assets are located.

The Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway allows your condition monitoring sensors to communicate wirelessly to your cloud-based monitoring and notification system via mobile telephone networks. This is the perfect solution for remote or retrofit locations where traditional networks or cabling is not an option.

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The Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway is based on (3G/GSM/GRRS) mobile network technology and comes pre-integrated for use with all our wireless smart sensors.

The Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway is specifically designed to enable simple, low-cost remote wireless sensor management solutions that do not require specialist technical skills for installation. Smart sensors are attached to key assets giving you real-time visibility and control. Your systems can communicate directly with the maintenance team.

Example applications include:
• Building System Monitoring
• Energy Management
• Automated Meter Reading
• Remote Asset Monitoring
• Agricultural Monitoring
• Construction Site Monitoring
• Data Center Monitoring


Our asset monitoring solution will save you time, improve your emergency response time and potentially prevent emergencies before they happen.

Product features include:
• Compatible with 140 mobile network operators globally
• Operation modes: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA
• Operating Frequencies: 900, 1800
• True plug & play, no hassles for internet configuration set-up
• No PC required for operation
• Remote software upgrade capability
• Local status LEDs with transmission and online status indicators
• 50,000 sensor message memory
• Battery backup for up to 24 hours operation without power
• AC power supply

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