Object Data Model


Low-cost flexible solution

Over 40 years in the business services sector and a core focus on manufacturing and engineering industries, MCP/Phusion have developed a robust Object Data Model in a neutral format to converge and store asset data for your mainstream and legacy systems.

Our Object Data Model has been proven as part of some of the world’s largest projects and was designed to support both large and small facilities with ease. The open nature of the database means your asset data is not locked into specific software and you are not tied to any supplier.


An API (Application Programming Interface) can be used to connect your mainstream systems with the object data model, ensuring that any changes made will be updated throughout your systems.


The features and benefits are fully validated model numbers, complete with technical attributes and associated documents, such as manuals and drawings and links to component part objects.

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with ISO data standards
  • Stores tag, line, cable, document, class, model OEM component, assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Provides integration with OEM equipment object library
  • Plugs into data analytics tools to enable drill down, reporting and dashboards
  • Can be logically extended using custom objects
  • Caters for any type of asset
  • Low-cost flexible solution

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