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Most operating plants have a huge amount of asset information, which can become complicated to visualise and maintain. Asset information of all scales and complexities is often structured in hierarchies to help the overall management process.

Data hierarchy solutions can consist of ‘systems, sub-systems and packages’, ‘equipment and component parts’ or ‘personnel and responsibilities’ – whatever the type of data being stored, chances are there is a hierarchy structure in there somewhere.


Maintaining an effective data hierarchy relies on clear visualisation and MCP/Phusion Data Hierarchy Solution has been specifically developed with that in mind, providing a clean and visually effective hierarchy display combined with search and build tools to simplify ongoing management.


The features and benefits of MCP/Phusion Data Hierarchy Solution are that it improves productivity and resource utilisation and provides enhanced access to resources by:


  • Links to data object model
  • View related data and documents directly
  • Can be used to generate data sheet templates
  • Ability to validate hierarchies
  • Quickly connect to other software for efficient working
  • Configurable
  • Intuitive drag and drop build process
  • Colour coded hierarchy levels
  • Can be used for any hierarchy based dataset
  • Elegant layouts, images, zoom and pop out search panels makes viewing hierarchies easy


  • Simplifying resource sharing
  • Reducing administrative workload
  • Supporting business growth and change

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