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Make searching and interrogating your data simple

Reporting and analysis platform

With MCP / Phusion Business Analytics Software you can turn your data into digestible, actionable and connected information. A search powered reporting and analysis platform which makes searching, interrogating and retrieving your data simple and in real-time.

MCP / Phusion Business Analytics Software is available as a self-service model or through reporting as a Service (RaaS) and can be used in conjunction with other software solutions or a stand-alone mode.

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Turn your data into actionable and connected information

Business Analytics Software means

  • Data can be connected to create customised and interactive dashboards with just a few clicks
  • Reports can be performed and ad-hoc analysis can be performed quickly and easily within your browser – with no SQL experience or technical skills required
  • Output reports can be shared throughout your organisation on any computer or mobile device
  • Automatic alerts created on your connected data to be notified of changes and updates
  • Filters and conditions can be build up using the easy to use inbuilt features
  • Data errors and inconsistency are quickly and easily spotted using the unique value display and counts
  • Fast and intelligent searches can be performed against multiple source systems and across billions of rows of data.

The benefits of Business Analytics Software

The benefits

  • Removes guesswork. Business Intelligence, you are given accurate data, updates in real-time, trending and forecasting, therefore removing the guesswork.
  • Quicker responses. Make quicker decisions without having to wade through pages of written reports to business-related queries.
  • Business metrics reports. Access to important company data, business metrics, and other critical reports through mobile devices.

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Turn your data into connected information

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Turn your data into connected information

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