Data Information Software services

Business Analytics Software

With MCP/Phusion Business Analytics Software you can turn your data into digestible, actionable and connected information. A search powered reporting and analysis platform which makes searching, interrogating and retrieving your data lightning-fast and importantly, very simple.

Onsite Software Solution

The MCP/Phusion Onsite software solution is a powerful mobile and web-based software solution for the collection and inspection of asset and stock information, utilising the latest technology such as barcode, QR/RFID scanners and image capture.

Data Hierarchy Solution

Data Hierarchy Solutions can consist of ‘systems, sub-systems and packages’, ‘equipment and component parts’ or ‘personnel and responsibilities’ – whatever the type of data being stored, chances are there is a hierarchy structure in there somewhere.

Object Data Model

Over 40 years in the business services sector and a core focus on manufacturing and engineering industries, MCP/Phusion have developed a robust Object Data Model in a neutral format to converge and store asset data for your mainstream and legacy systems.