Cost Reduction services

Smart Vibration Sensors

The Vibration Sensor accumulates vibration activity, giving the user an idea of how much activity has occurred.

Smart Humidity Sensors

The Humidity Sensor allows you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure.

Smart Flood Sensors

The Flood Detection Sensor alerts you of potential property damage that results from flooding or leaks.

Smart Temperature Sensors

The Temperature Sensor detects and measures temperature in Degrees Celsius on a continual basis.

Smart M2M Gateway

The Wireless M2M Gateway allows your condition monitoring sensors to communicate wirelessly to your cloud-based monitoring and notification system via mobile telephone networks.

APEX Asset Performance Excellence

MCP will lead your teams through a series structured interventions that will not only improve performance but will underpin the improvements with lasting practices.

SmartStores™ Solution

SmartStores™ Solution is linked to a cloud-based software that enables users to access reports and real-time management information.

SmartStores™ Programme

MCP’s SmartStores™ Programme ­– has been developed to provide you with the tools and support to reduce your inventory, increase service levels and reduce equipment downtime.

Reliability Improvement Programme

MCP has developed a proven methodology for improving an asset’s reliability, which has often led to the worst performing asset quickly becoming the best performing asset.

OPEX Operations Performance Excellence

OPEX has been specifically designed to benchmark and support the improvement process by combining the best possible consultancy techniques with the latest in technological advances.

LEAN Manufacturing Performance

Lean Manufacturing is a highly successful and established business improvement programme. Lean tools and techniques allow business to focus on delivering added value to the customer and remove waste from your manufacturing process.