SmartStores™ Programme

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SmartStores™ Programme

  • Holding stock costs money
  • Parts stock is the second largest item of expense of the maintenance operating costs
  • Majority of companies have too much stock
  • Many companies do not have the required items in stock
  • Stores Service levels are less than 90 %
  • Stock losses are common

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Recognise any of these above?

  • Providing reliable information about the spare parts stock increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Companies can reduce their inventory costs by up to 25 % by adopting a structured approach to Maintenance Repair and Operations Management (MROM)

For over 30 years MCP has been working with organisations around the world to help them improve their spare parts management processes and methods.

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MCP’s SmartStores™ Programme

The programme includes:

  • Developing ways to optimise inventory techniques through advances in technology and data handling
  • Establishing the availability of the right parts to reduce downtime and unscheduled interruptions
  • Developing the Parts Inventory Management Processes to include identification and coding, removing duplicate items, criticality classification, procurement, quality inspection, work planning and supplier management
  • Providing electronic systems linked to CMMS to record issues and stock movements
  • Parts selection and management to optimise component and asset reliability

MCP’s SmartStores™ Programme ­– has been developed to provide you with the tools and support to reduce your inventory, increase service levels and reduce equipment downtime.

MROM is well known in the industry but now more than ever businesses need a range of solutions, with the ability to collect, provide and interpret data for greater visibility of their assets. 

This programme is designed as complete supplier-to-end-user inventory control.

Using our parts management expertise, MCP analyses the store’s management process develops ways to streamline the supplier base and establish an accessible storage system for the items to be stocked and includes:

  • Defining which parts to stock
  • Establishing the right stock levels
  • Design of the store for the efficient location of parts
  • Building a database of parts information parts
  • Deduplication and cleansing of stock

When used in conjunction with the MCP Reliability Programme the quantity and cost of parts used can be reduced.

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What are the benefits of a SmartStores™ Programme

  • Improved Purchasing Efficiency. With fewer suppliers, orders and invoices you free up valuable employee time
  • Improved stores/stock management. By rationalising stock and matching it to consumption, you achieve improved stock control and rotation, while also releasing space
  • Productivity improvements. The number of store visits and inbound freight charges all decrease, and you can eliminate totally all unsupervised local purchases
  • Opportunities to have control of inventory costs, improved equipment performance and less working capital cannot be ignored.

Typically, a company with £1million engineering stores under MROM can look to save £2-300,000 per annum.

Adopt a structured approach to Maintenance Repair and Operations Management

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Adopt a structured approach to Maintenance Repair and Operations Management

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