Operator Asset Care (OAC)


Optimise the performance of equipment

The objective of Operator Asset Care (OAC) is to optimise the performance of equipment by using the knowledge of equipment owners along with industry best practice, ensuring delivery of high levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and lower cost per unit produced.

OAC utilises the knowledge and experience of operational equipment owners to improve understanding, asset condition and reliability. OAC covers all equipment areas from manufacturing through utilities to laboratory equipment.

This objective of Operator Asset Care (OAC) is achieved by:

  • Developing operator skills and training that will allow equipment owners to carry out first-line maintenance tasks
  • Releasing time for the maintenance technicians to maximise their skills and integrating process activities and maintenance inspections


Achieve substantial benefits

MCP’s approach to Operator Asset Care (OAC) will help your organisation to introduce and implement an OAC programme in a controlled and consistent way manner, achieving substantial benefits.  The implementation has a 2 stage approach:

  • Stage 1 comprises a site assessment, customised training course and a workshop to support the development of an Action Plan
  • Stage 2 looks at the implementation of the Action Plan and providing the ongoing support required

OAC Implementation – Stage 1

  • Day 1 – An MCP Consultant will visit and assess your site and meet with various team members and managers from the operations and engineering departments.
  • Day 2 – A customised Operator Asset Care awareness course with your team, which will be based on the findings of the site assessment completed on Day 1.
  • Day 3 – The ‘OAC programme planning’ workshop is designed to define the OAC mission statement, objectives, strategy and develop a high-level action plan which incorporates work-streams, deliverables and ownership.

OAC Implementation – Stage 2

MCP will produce a proposal, which addresses how we can assist you in setting up the support structure:

  • Agree on the pilot area
  • Detailed plans for each workstream
  • Communication strategy to help with engagement
  • How Operator Asset Care (OAC) will fit in with the production and maintenance strategies


Deliver measurable benefit

Operator Asset Care (OAC) will deliver measurable benefits to the services and equipment owners:

  • Improved equipment knowledge
  • Higher skill levels
  • Ownership and pride in their equipment
  • Identification and delivery of improvement opportunities
  • Maximised production capacity and output
  • Reduced cost of goods sold
  • Increased equipment lifecycle
  • Reduced downtime

Ensure delivery of high levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness?

OAC is a key part of any asset management, reliability, maintenance or manufacturing programme. Find out more…

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