Manufacturing Improvement


Make savings in the magnitude of 10-15 time

Traditionally Manufacturing Improvement programmes tend to be ‘management led’ and have delivery timescales measured in years. Unfortunately, in today’s ultra-competitive environment manufacturers need performance improvements and cost savings now, not in two years time.

The MCP Manufacturing improvement programme has also been used extensively and successfully in the over 50 organisations in the UK, South East Asia and the USA in a wide variety of industries. If you need a breakthrough in manufacturing performance then just maybe this is the approach for you! In every case savings of the magnitude of 10-15 times, the cost was achieved during a 10-week programme! Do your improvement initiatives compare with this?


The shop floor is best placed to understand the process

MCP’s unique approach to the manufacturing improvement process is based on the premise that the shop floor is best placed to understand their processes. We believe that the process owner should be encouraged to identify and implement changes in the ways of working – achieving a substantial improvement in a 10-week programme, typically in a pilot area. Our practical ‘shop floor driven’ and activity led programme is designed to:

  • Train staff
  • Obtain buy-in
  • Develop ideas
  • Implement & embed changes
  • Take ownership and drive change in the culture


Identify inefficiencies and issues

The benefits of working directly with operators and supervisors are that inefficiencies and issues are identified, solutions created and implemented tackled to providing a rapid performance improvement. Typically benefits will include:

  • Improved performance monitoring
  • Efficient factory layouts
  • Enhanced working methods
  • Faster & more efficient changeovers
  • Effective & reliable maintenance regimes

Need performance improvements and cost savings now?

Typically 10-15 times the cost is achieved during a 10-week programme! Find Out More today!

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