LEAN Manufacturing Performance


 What can LEAN Manufacturing Performance do for your business?

Customers are becoming more demanding. Do you know how to respond to this demand?

Markets are becoming more customised. All companies need to drive innovation and deliver value.

Are you in control of your business process? Do you and your team continually strive to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies and waste?

The fact is that Lean can help organisations meet these challenges and provide your organisation with a clear competitive advantage.

The LEAN Programme – defining value as perceived by the customer

Lean Manufacturing is a highly successful and established business improvement programme. Lean tools and techniques allow businesses to focus on delivering added value to the customer and remove waste from the manufacturing process.

Lean Manufacturing tools & techniques support continuous improvement initiatives in the workplace, reducing production costs and manufacturing cycle times, whilst identifying and driving out non-value adding activities.


MCP has a number of tools and techniques used to support our Lean manufacturing consultancy services and products.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma combines Lean, which adds value, reduces cycle time and removes waste and Six Sigma, which focuses on reducing product and service variability. This systematic approach has become a powerful improvement model used by both manufacturing and service-based organisations.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

TPM reduces manufacturing costs by increasing plant efficiency, improving product quality, maximising equipment availability and reinforcing ownership, teamwork and cooperation among all members of the production workforce.

Our approach takes the elements of TPM that will give benefits to your business by improving equipment performance based on teamwork, empowerment and continuous improvement.

Using the TPM philosophy, MCP uses tools and techniques in a highly focussed approach. MCP’s interpretation of TPM is aimed at rapid, sustainable improvements through small pilot projects.

Organisation Review

Changing processes invariably means a change in the way people work. Matching the organisation to the new environment demands experience in change management and process re-engineering – creating the enthusiasm for change, developing job profiles and creating new structures.

Operating Procedures

The organisation of many people performing inter-linked and interactive processes can only be achieved by them working in a co-ordinated way. This means that underpinning their activities with written procedures – particularly in environments where failure to adhere to procedures is common – can be critical.

We provide support in the development of engineering, maintenance and operating procedures – which can lead to ISO 9000 Certification.

Operational Excellence

MCP offers a 12-week programme designed to improve manufacturing performance. This programme is guaranteed to deliver benefits in terms of:

  • Improved production output
  • Less waste
  • Reduced cost

Team Development

Team working is the foundation of successful organisations. The identification of common goals and development of sound communication channels is self-evidently important and failures in internal co-ordination are frequently difficult to identify. MCP understands the environment in which your people work – we use their language and, through this common understanding, we are able to deliver highly effective team development training.


Measure your performance and effectiveness using MCP’s:

  • Manufacturing Audit
  • Lean Assessment Tool
  • Toolroom Management Audit


We provide bespoke training in a wide range of manufacturing related topics.

A Total Approach


The benefits of LEAN and how it can help improve:

  • Productivity: Improvements in throughput and added value
  • Quality: Reductions in defects and rework; getting it right first time
  • Innovation: Improved morale and staff participation in the business
  • Waste Reduction: Less transport and physical waste
  • Lead Times: Ability to respond quicker with fewer delays
  • Stock: Reduction in work in progress and Inventory
  • Customer Service: what the customer wants when they want it
  • Innovation: Improved morale and participation in the business
  • Financials: the business can better react to and meet the customer’s needs

The programme is guaranteed to benefit you by improving production, reducing waste and lowering costs.

The Internet of Things – shaping the way we do business

The Internet of Things is changing the landscape of manufacturing. However, the real transformation occurring today and the added value is to move towards a higher level of data integrity. Those companies that embrace the ‘single source of truth’ for all data and fuse this with benchmarking products and improvement processes gain a 360° view that drives their business insights.

It is true that technological advances are shaping the way in which we do business. As a result of technology, businesses can run more efficiently, lower their production costs and improve operating performance to achieve the best possible return on investment.

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