APEX Asset Performance Excellence


Our consultants are experienced ‘change agents’. By implementing APEX Asset Performance Excellence, we will lead your teams through a series of structured interventions that will not only improve performance but will underpin these improvements with practices that will ensure they are lasting.

APEX Asset Performance Excellence methodology benefits (we focus on achieving all of this in typically12 weeks):

  • Improved OEE (increases of >20% are achievable)
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved understanding of line operation
  • Improved line support
  • An improved team working and sharing issues

When you need a step change in the performance of your assets, MCP has the experience and methodologies to help you achieve it.


Our improvement methodology has 11 key elements:

  1. Identify the losses and possible benefits in week 1. Detailed monitoring of losses will continue throughout the whole programme
  2. Collect quick wins and capture ideas from teams
  3. Centre line machine and establish base settings
  4. Condition survey that identifies actions needed to return the machine to a maintainable state.
  5. Criticality study by working with the team to develop the factors and score
  6. PM Audit. A review of the historical records to identify which assets have PMs and when they were completed
  7. PM effectiveness review for each machine to make sure the usual failures for each component have an appropriate PM.
  8. Introduce simple Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and work with the team to complete at least one RCA per week or for every major failure
  9. Non-Engineering issues including looking at changeovers, standards of OAC, cleaning etc
  10. Planning and scheduling. Introduce a simple planning and scheduling system, ensure the weekly maintenance plans are displayed near the line and the technicians are aware of the work they have to do
  11. Spares review. From the condition survey and criticality study identify which high critical significant maintenance items have spares in the stores

We work alongside your shop floor shift teams ensuring they are fully engaged in the process throughout the whole rapid improvement cycle.


Our proven 12-week APEX Programme has delivered substantial and lasting benefits to our manufacturing clients.

Further our experienced consultants ensure the workforce is fully engaged with the improvements and have the skills to allow them to deliver improvements long after the programme has finished.

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