Business Improvement services

APEX Asset Performance Excellence

MCP will lead your teams through a series structured interventions that will not only improve performance but will underpin the improvements with lasting practices.

Organisational design and transformation

This approach demonstrates how a programme can be built to deliver the mission, business strategy and processes that support major organisational transformation.

Business Strategy – Alignment and Deployment

A business strategy describes how to compete in a competitive market, grow the profitability of the business and market share and what needs to be in place to get to where it wants to be in the future.

Change Management

When a major change is introduced into an organisation, it will inevitably impact on people; on what they do and how they do it. The way people are engaged and communicated with has a significant impact on the degree of their support and commitment to the change.

Maintenance Change Management

Through strong project management we ensure that the change you make is for the better and that you gain a motivated workforce who support the ‘spirit’ of change and growth.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Our experience of making sustainable improvements in maintenance and our holistic approach recognises that no single change can be lasting without the underpinning of other areas of the business.

Contract Review / Development

Our extensive knowledge in reviewing and establishing contracts ensures that your contracts meet your requirements and contain the correct balance of risk and reward.


Many organisations outsource without understanding why. MCP has developed an outsourcing methodology that ensures the partner chosen is the best fit for your business.

ISO 55000 Implementation

These standards are practical tools. The ISO 55000 journey includes the implementation of an Asset Management System and delivers more than just compliance with legislation alone.

Condition Assessment

MCP’s proven methodology ensures the correct level of inspection is performed to identify those parts that need refurbishment. Our process means the asset is returned to a maintainable condition.

Reliability Improvement

MCP has developed a structured approach for turning your worst performing assets into the best performing. In addition this delivers cost improvements through up-time and annual maintenance.

CMMS Selection

A CMMS represents a major capital investment – yet many of the systems fall into disuse within a short period of time. Our six-stage approach ensures you select the right tool for the job.