SmartStores™ Solution

Are you getting the most out of your engineering stores?

SmartStores™ Solution offers 24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) consumables, tools, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and production components.

The ability to answer this question is difficult for most companies due to the limited visibility of indirect materials used in their operation. Inventory is often stored in multiple untracked locations, usage is not adequately controlled and replenishments are performed in a reactive, haphazard fashion. This leads to excessive spend and overconsumption of some materials, and shortages and expediting of inventory, which in turn results in an increased risk of costly production downtime.

The SmartStores™ Solution enables customers to manage and control usage of indirect material effectively in a storeroom environment. It provides real-time, enterprise-wide visibility and control spare parts to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

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SmartStores™ Solution features include:

  • Mobile with low touch NFC RFID solution that is quick and easy-to-use
  • Enterprise-wide roll-up reporting across multiple sites/departments/stocking locations
  • Real-time notifications of inventory usage by specific users
  • Control material issues/returns to and from specific users
  • Dynamic Project Management/Job Costing with job numbers automatically
  • Complete audit log of all material usage
  • Ability to generate and overwrite product codes present in the database on the NFC RFID tags via the password-protected SmartStores™ Solution App
  • Utilises the same cloud-based software as our dispensing solutions to provide enterprise-wide visibility of all inventory transactions

SmartStores™ Solution is linked to cloud-based software. Users can access the software anywhere and anytime via the internet to access reports and real-time management information.

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How does the SmartStores™ Solution work?

  1. The user presents their clock card to SmartStores™ Solution Connect
  2. The store’s person presents dedicated scan device to SmartStores Connect which transfers the clock card data – the data held on the SmartStores Connect device is then immediately wiped
  3. The store’s person selects ‘Issue’ in the SmartStores App, this allows the booking of items to the user
  4. The store’s person taps the NFC tag on each item of inventory required with the scanning device to create a list
  5. The SmartStores™ Solution App allows the store’s person to serve up to 3 users at any one time
  6. The store’s person can also return items from a specific user to stock, restock items, trigger replenishments and manage tags through the SmartStore App

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The advantages of NFC RFID Tags over barcodes

  • Process quick and error-free, saving time and money over Barcode applications. The ability for allocation of lists of parts to users through one-touch NFC from the user and one-touch NFC from the Storeman with the scanning device through SmartStores Connect.
  • More robust and less costly to maintain after setup. Barcodes are more susceptible to become dirty or torn. NFC Inventor-e tags are made of PVC to protect the NFC label from being torn and will continue to work even if dirty.
  • NFC tags can be used again and again. NFC tags are read/write, barcodes are read-only.
  • Relatively low cost of readers and 3G real-time communication of inventory transactions. Android, Smartphones and Tablets have a low entry for hardware purchase.
  • No cost for printers and ongoing maintenance costs. Barcodes require on-site printing. NFC can be stocked and the product code written to the tag so no on-site printers are required.
  • NFC tags can identify individual items. For example, a serial number. Most barcodes can only identify the product type (not uniquely).
  • SmartStores Connect is an NFC RFID reading translation device. It will read the Customer-specific clock cards and convert this data into an NFC RFID reading that the scanning device can read.

Are you getting the most out of your engineering stores?

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Are you getting the most out of your engineering stores?

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