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24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability

24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability for enterprise-wide asset management

lnventor-e SmartAsset is item management and tracking solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control their assets. SmartAsset uses contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to manage assets in your business.

Typically, the manual process to find a missing asset is time-consuming, labour intensive and not always successful. Tag your assets with SmartAsset NFC tags for simple, low-cost asset tracking. Each time a tag is scanned, its last-seen location will be automatically recorded. You’ll also see which of your colleagues had it. The SmartAsset tag, SmartStores App and Sourcerer combine to provide a cost-effective enterprise-wide asset management solution for managing and tracking assets on vans, in offices and stores.

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Powerful Analytics

SmartAsset within the SmartStores App and Sourcerer provides enterprise-wide visibility, control and management of assets. Inventor-e’s cloud-based software, Sourcerer makes the information easily available to users and locates the last point seen SmartAsset tags and Smartie tags (a combined NFC and BlueTooth tag) with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Smartphones, ArmourScan devices and iSite readers. Sourcerer’s scalable and powerful features empower businesses across a wide array of markets.

Multiple site asset data is aggregated in Sourcerer

Automatically generate audit trails for your assets and inventory, including everything from the purchase price, warranty information, calibration date and PAT expiry date management. SmartAsset even informs you where your assets have been, how often they’ve been maintained and when they are due for replacement. Collaborate as a team, contributing to the same data to ensure up-to-date asset records.

lnventor-e SmartAsset

Locate an item using a Bluetooth Network – The SmartStores App downloadable to Bluetooth enabled Smartphones allows engineers to track assets using the SmartSearch facility within SmartAsset. This provides the capability to search for specific assets using the Bluetooth network on the phone up to 80 metres away with Smartie tags. Smartie Bluetooth active tags can be tracked by an individual Smartphone using a SmartStores App.


The world’s smartest asset tag with combined NFC and BLE technology

The SmartStores App with Smartie tags provides a seamless and quick set up of multiple assets. Smartie tags can be detected by both iSite readers and the Bluetooth network of Android smartphones or ArmourScan devices.

The benefits of Smart Asset Enterprise

  • Mobile low touch NFC solution that is simple to set up and quick and easy to use
  • Stop losing assets as they move between buildings and sites
  • Notes and photographs of problems are stored in Sourcerer
  • Last point read location (latitude and longitude) of the asset is held in Sourcerer
  • Search for an asset using SmartSearch and specifically locate individual assets
  • Access all the info you need from your phone or ArmourScan device. Collaborate with your team for complete records
  • Attachments Store all of your important documents in one place. Add PDF’s and photos.


SmartAsset Tag
with individual serial
number identification

Need 24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability?

Find out how to effectively manage and control your assets…

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Need 24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability?

Find out how to effectively manage and control your assets…

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