The industry's most efficient inventory management system

24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) consumables, tools, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and production components

iVend is the industry’s most efficient inventory management system, utilising the internet and advanced weight sensor technology to provide remote inventory information in real-time. This gives complete visibility of stock on hand across the entire organisation. iVend provides immediate and continual access to items for authorised employees where it is needed at Point-of-U, 24/7 – with full management control.

All items issued from iVend are recorded, detailing product”code and description, precise quantity, date and time of issuance, and the individual who obtained the items. The data is collated across all solutions and is available at Sourcerer (Inventor-e’s cloud-based software platform) to authorised end-user and supplier personnel, with reports enabling management to identify trends and usage anomalies. Usage can be analysed at a range of levels: individual user; iVend; user group; site; and multiple sites – even across international operations.

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Linked to Inventor-e's Sourcerer™ cloud-based software

iVendm is linked to Inventor-e’s Sourcerer™ cloud-based software. Users can access the Sourcerer software anywhere and anytime via the internet to access reports and real-time management information.

How it Works

1. Supplies Accessed The user swipes their ID card to gain access to the iVendm cabinet and removes the required items. Load sensors instantly recognise the change in stock weight and accurately gauge the corresponding change in product quantity. When the user closes the door to complete the transaction, the precise quantity of each product issued to the user is date and time-stamped.

2. Requirement Generation iVendm calculates individual stock requirements at all locations, in real-time, with data passed instantly to Sourcerer.

3. Automated Replenishment Trigger A reorder is automatically generated if Sourcerer is integrated with the suppliers or end-users ERP. If not integrated, a reorder is prompted via Sourcerer’s replenishment reports. 4. iVend Restocked Load sensors instantly recognise the increase in stock weight and the corresponding change in product quantity. Delivery of the stock is automatically dated and time-stamped against the re-stocker, verifying supplier delivery performance and confirming availability of the product at Point-of-Use.

Touchscreen Advantages

The issuance of items can be allocated to a predetermined
job number, or entered by the employee Optional spot purchasing module to order items not
stocked in the cabinet

Use iVend lockers to allocate spot purchased items to specific users preventing them from being taken by other personnel or their issuance having to be managed by Stores.

The benefits of iVendm

  • Cost Savings Increased productivity, improved supply chain efficiency, and reduced pilferage
  • Speed Fast product access, return and restock …. with control. Multiple items handled simultaneously
  • Availability Real-time intelligence within an integrated supply chain prevents stock-outs and work stoppages
  • Capacity Can hold thousands of items and support high volume usage
  • Control & Accountability Precise quantity of all issuances automatically recorded against the individual
  • Any shape or size Allows more products to be controlled and managed at Point-of-Use
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Within 12 months

Need complete visibility of stock across the entire organisation?

iVend is the industry's most efficient inventory management system. Find out more…

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Need complete visibility of stock across the entire organisation?

iVend is the industry's most efficient inventory management system. Find out more…

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