iVend Secure – Inventory Management Solved

A scalable and cost-effective solution

iVend Secure is a simple way to reduce consumption, identify usage patterns and integrate demand into the supply chain with 24/7 access.

iVend Secure provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for the secure management of a wide range of high and low usage items such as PPE and MRO consumables. The high capacity rotary format provides a very economical cost per location solution. iVend Secure is an ideal solution where space is limited but the need for managing a large number of different items is essential, for example, the management of a wide variety of gloves, hand tools and electrical items etc.

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iVend Secure cloud-based software

iVend Secure is linked to Inventor-e’s Sourcerer™ cloud-based software. Users can access the Sourcerer software anywhere and anytime via the internet to access reports and real-time management information.

Features include:

Low to High Volume
iVend Secure is available in 6 variations providing between 36 and 468 secure compartments in a single unit.

Secure returns capability
iVend Secure has an easy and secure returns capability, controlling access to a single compartment.

The compartments in iVend Secure are hidden from view behind sturdy sliding doors and can withstand vigorous operation.

Each drum can be configured to provide columns of two different widths.

Multiple compartments can be selected in a single transaction minimising the time required to manage large volumes of stock.

Time Sensitive Dispensation
iVend Secure can manage perishable items by delivering time-sensitive products by the earliest expiry date and will not dispense items that have expired except to the cabinet administrator.

Sourcerer software provides a complete audit trail allowing the company to know who, when, where and why about the usage of any item within the systems.

Overall Dimensions: 1030mm x 1030mm x 2010mm (with lid)
Compartment Depth: 290mm
Compartment Dimensions:
76mm2 Door Size: 82.5mm (A), 89mm(B), 292(C), 32mm(D)

System operation is extremely simple

1. Authorised user logs into the system and selects the required item and quantity.

2. The drum rotates to the correct location and the user is directed to the correct compartment using high brightness LEDs.

3. The user opens the indicated location, obtains required items and closes the cover which is automatically relocked.


The benefits of iVend Secure

  • 24/7 availability of items
  • Rationing of items to specific users
  • Excellent for stocking a wide range of items – 13 door solution can hold 468 different items
  • Manage perishable items by delivering time-sensitive products by the earliest expiry date
  • Kitting – select a kit on the touchscreen and the solution will automatically deliver the kit contents to the user
  • Accurate accountability & Inventory control
  • Reduced operating costs and increased productivity

Want a simple way to reduce consumption?

Find out more about iVend Secure – a scalable and cost-effective solution

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Want a simple way to reduce consumption?

Find out more about iVend Secure – a scalable and cost-effective solution

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