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Asset intelligence information

iSite provides asset intelligence information on a physical item’s unique identity, location and authenticity for the industrial and health sectors.

Imagine you’re easily able to identify and locate assets in and around your building. With the lnventor-e iSite solution you can create an intelligent area or site. This is realised by creating an iSite hotspot, or a network of connected iSite hotspots which enable authentication, location & identification.

The patent-pending lnventor-e Smartie is a combined NFC and iBeacon tag. Smartie provides seamless and quick set up of multiple assets. It can be detected by both iSite tiles and the Bluetooth network of an Android smartphone.

Powerful Analytics

With the lnventor-e iSite solution you can create an intelligent area or site. The solution comprises of iSite tiles, RFID tags and/or Smartie tags. These are managed by our SmartSafe App and Sourcerer cloud-based software. Sourcerer makes the information easily available to users and locates passive RFID tags and Smartie tags (a combined NFC and BlueTooth tag) to their specific iSite tile and enables a SmartSearch of specific assets and the areas that they are located in.

Sourcerer delivers superior performance and platform interoperability and provides the best reliability and data integrity across every element of the platform. Scalable and powerful features empower businesses across a wide array of markets.




Track the journey of an asset

Inventor-e’s iSite tile solution provides an ‘always on’ approach utilising low-cost passive UHF RFID tags as well as patent-pending Smartie tags. iSite tiles continuously monitor tags in specific areas. When the tag leaves one area the iSite tile in another area will pick up the RFID tag on that item. The journey of an asset can also be tracked across a site between all iSite managed areas. This provides the precise location of the asset at all times.

Typically, the manual process to find a missing asset is time-consuming, labour intensive and not always successful – with iSite tiles you always know where the asset is located within the facility, in real-time, to a 6 Metre radius. An items journey can be recorded in a log by labelling the location of each iSite tile or by showing the locations of all assets on a site floor plan.


lnventor-e SmartSearch

Locate an item using a Bluetooth Network – The SmartSearch App downloadable to Bluetooth enabled Smartphones allows engineers to track assets to specific iSite tiles using the SmartSearch facility and search for specific assets using the Bluetooth network on the phone up to 30 metres away. Smartie Bluetooth tags can be tracked either by an individual Smartphone using a SmartSearch App.


The Benefits of iSite include:

  • Uniquely identify an asset beyond just its product type
  • Identify assets without direct line-of-sight
  • Improved search and find time – No more wasted time looking for assets that are lost
  • Identify many assets simultaneously
  • Identify assets within a particular vicinity
  • Automate inventory and asset-tracking
  • Improve user experience, with fewer out-of-stock items and easier returns
  • Provide visibility into the supply chain, yielding a more efficient distribution channel and reduced business costs
  • Calibration and service alerts via email reports showing the current location of assets for quick and easy servicing.

Need to track the journey of your assets?

iSite provides asset intelligence information on a physical item's. Find out more…

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