The AMIS Assessment

The AMIS Assessment – The first step on on The AMIS Journey

The AMIS* Assessment is designed to identify the gaps against best practice and scope for improvement using a facilitated assessment tool, supported by data and information analysis.

Using a standard assessment system and defined maturity levels, the site-specific assessment is completed and includes inputs and involvement from maintenance, operations and selected site employees. The AMIS Assessment can be used for both inter- and intra-site comparisons for all industry sectors. The AMIS Assessment is recognised as the industry standard and provides the largest database of benchmarks and Key Performance Ratios of efficiency and effectiveness, worldwide.

The deliverables of The AMIS Assessment are:

• Identification of gaps between your current performance and industry best practice
• A set of effectiveness scores
• Comparisons with similar or competitor organisations within your sector
• Standard Key Performance Ratios, comparing your site with data collected from other sites

The AMIS Family

Additional assessment tools can be used within the development stage these include:

• AMIS Operational Excellence
• AMIS Parts Management
• AMIS CMMS System Effectiveness
• AMIS Facility Management
• MCP Training Needs Analysis

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* Asset Maintenance Improvement System (AMIS)

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Identifying the gaps against best-practice

The AMIS Assessment identifies the gaps against best-practice which in turn supports the implementation planning stage of The AMIS Journey.


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Establishing the opportunities for improvement

Any improvement programme needs to define the goal and expected value to be delivered. The AMIS Assessment will establish the opportunities for improvement and the associated benefits expected.

Feedback sessions and strategy workshops are facilitated to agree on the next steps to develop an ongoing improvement plan which includes the benefits, timescales and the required resources.

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In my opinion, MCP’s service was excellent. I have not used anyone other than MCP but would struggle to envisage how anyone could deliver any better service. I have found MCP to be very approachable and were flexible on arrangements for my last assessment.

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MCP is very professional and a pleasure to do the business with. Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff. I was able to speak to the staff every time there is a need for it. Have already spoken to the team to provide dates for the next course that will be organised on-site.

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I like the engineering knowledge MCP consultants have compared to some other organisations that have expertise in the process, not the background knowledge. I will certainly use MCP’s services again.

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