AMIS Asset Management Information Service


AMIS Asset Management Information Service, this 3-5 day on-site audit (dependent on facility size), is the first choice for any business professional tasked with manufacturing and maintenance performance because it is the most established and proven recognised industry standard in the market.

The AMIS Assessment enables you to assess accurately how your maintenance and manufacturing operation compares with the competition and known industry benchmarking standards. The service is the first step on the Journey to World-Class Business Performance and assists organisations in the implementation of new approaches for Asset Management and Maintenance, Business Improvement, HR services and Technology Products.

Any company with a manufacturing or maintenance operation across any sector will benefit from implementing the AMIS Assessment. It covers the entire process of production and maintenance from start to finish. AMIS Asset Management Information Service ensures that whilst on the journey organisations focus on the right areas for improvement and provide a platform, which you can improve efficiency, increase sales and profitability and encourage others within the organisation to strive for similar achievements.


Proven over 30 years – AMIS Asset Management Information Service is the
original maintenance assessment tool for e
ffective maintenance.



The AMIS process uses a two-part questionnaire and a cross-functional team survey, who score themselves against a series of statements of best practice. All responses are supported by documentary evidence and a representative benchmark is always achieved. This provides the potential benefits and clear improvement plan.

What you will obtain from the AMIS Assessment:

  • Benchmarking scores comparing your site with others in the same sector
  • Identified opportunities for improvement
  • Quantified benefits from making improvements
  • Action plan for moving forward on the AMIS Journey
  • Ongoing support to implement changes
  • Access to industry experts for advice and support
  • The AMIS benchmark works just as well for large multi-site organisations as it does for single site SMEs.


AMIS will deliver analysis against which real decisions can be made. That is why it is used extensively across all industry sectors and in companies worldwide.

Benefits of assessing your maintenance:

  • Increased labour utilisation
  • Increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Reduced costs of maintenance
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Focused plan for improvement
  • Identify the gap between best practice and your current performance

Benefits of benchmarking your maintenance:

  • Access to data covering all industry sectors
  • Comparison with your competitors in the same industry sector
  • Benchmarks of current performance against a World-Class standard
  • Indications of the potential financial improvements


“We have adopted the AMIS framework as the principle in which we deliver a consistent methodology across all our worldwide manufacturing operations to drive improvement in plant reliability and performance.”

Diageo Plc

“Firstly congratulations on achieving World Class, the two members of my team that attended the Masterclass really enjoyed the two days and came back brimming with information and enthusiastic about the journey that we are starting on after seeing the results that can be achieved from your site.”

Finsbury Food Group

“MCP partnered with MSD Carlow in 2012. We completed an AMIS assessment, this became our approach and framework for the Reliability Programme that followed. MCP made sure we continued on that journey. The outcome is that we completed our third AMIS assessment in which we achieved WorldClass. We now complete less than 4% corrective maintenance and complete our compliance 100% on time.”

MSD Ireland

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