Facilities Management Improvement Programmes


Understanding the business-critical issues

Facilities Management Improvement Programmes are now being given greater recognition to the strategic role that Facilities Management (FM) and the part it plays in delivering your business objectives.

The demands are such that the maintenance of services, equipment and building fabric is becoming business-critical and significant emphasis is being placed on innovation and efficiency improvement.


The first step to improvement

FM Improvement Programmes

MCP helps customers address each of the following:

  • Do you have a clear strategy for achieving your facility objectives?
  • Are your facility objectives aligned with your business objectives?
  • Are you achieving best practice?
  • Do you know where to look for the next level of improvement objectives?
  • Do you know how your facility costs compare to other similar facilities?
  • Are your systems, processes and procedures as effective and efficient as they could be?
  • Do you know your contractors are delivering the best value for money?

If you have answered ‘NO’ to any of the above MCP’s FM services will help you understand your current level of performance.

Understand your current level of performance – FM Scan

An external assessment of your facilities management can help you demonstrate that you are managing an effective and efficient service.

MCP’s FM Scan is an online analysis tool to quickly self-assess your hard and soft services, benchmarking against sector best practice and against your competitors. The benchmark scores offer access to a series of performance measures.

FM Scan takes between 3-5 days. The assessment covers the full range of facility services and enables users to select, which services they want to assess moving forward.

This tool in no way replaces more in-depth services but offers an initial orientation to inform the next step.



FM Programmes Benefits

  • Verification of all items on an equipment asset register
  • Review of capital replacement requirements and schedule
  • A revision of the existing maintenance regime
  • A calculation of the ongoing maintenance cost
  • An evaluation of critical spares requirements
  • Detailed equipment life plans

FM Scan Benefits

  • Assess how your FM operations compare to similar in other industry sectors and a common set of best practices.
  • Identify a series of key performance measures to ensure improved performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve service levels

Need to understand your current level of performance?

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