Eco-Warrior Training

Training to become an Eco-Warrior

We talk to Dale Biggs, upstream production manager at AG Barr, about how training delivered by MCP is equipping shopfloor staff with invaluable maintenance skills to keep production lines moving Famous for being “Made in Scotland from girders”, AG Barr’s Irn Bru drink is bottled and canned in its £41 million state-of-the-art facility in Milton … Read More

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18th Edition Web

What you need to know about the online 18th Edition

Safeguard your workforce from any shocks! BS 7671 Wiring Regulations – 18th Edition training course Enrol Engaging delegates in the training room can be tough – then add a very dry subject like 18th Edition with no practical work and a trainer who just reads regulation after regulation without much explanation – can be very hard going. That’s why … Read More

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MCP announce corporate partnership with SOE

MCP is pleased to announce their Corporate Partnership with SOE – The Society of Operations Engineers. SOE is a Professional Engineering Institution and registered charity and the premier professional body for three specialist engineering sectors: Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) Institute of Plant Engineers (IPlantE) Bureau of Engineering Surveyors (BES) Serving over 16,000 individual … Read More

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Lucozade’s thirst for knowledge

John Saysell, head of business development and training at MCP Consulting Group, explains how investing in training is helping the Lucozade plant meet the manufacturing challenges of the future. Those of a certain age will remember from hospital visits in the past, the omnipresent Lucozade bottle, covered in orange cellophane, perched on the patient’s bed-side … Read More

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Two Approaches to achieving competence

It is more important than ever that industrial employers understand their legal responsibility to make sure their technicians are competent to carry out their tasks. John Saysell, Director of Training for MCP Consulting Group Ltd. outlines two alternative approaches in an article in the December issue of Maintenance and Engineering magazine. The first stage in … Read More

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The 5 why process

Why, why, why, why, why… Our Principal Consultant, Dave Porrill, is a busy man, last week he was running some training programmes at the Vitol site, VPI Immingham.  The training was split into 2 courses, morning and afternoon, repeated over 3 days. The morning session was entitled ‘Root Cause Analysis’, the afternoon ‘the 5 Why Process’, … Read More

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