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The AMIS Journey and Assessment is recognised as the most cost-effective maintenance assessment and benchmarking service used worldwide by leading organisations. The AMIS Process has helped transform organisations such as Diageo, Novartis, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, GSK and many other blue chip organisations.

The AMIS Assessment measures the effectiveness and efficiency of your maintenance, energy usage, operations, computer systems and people development. The AMIS Journey for Business Improvement in maintenance is an on-site assessment that delivers a calculation of key performance measures and comparative scores along with potential benefits and an outline action plan. The DTI has estimated that the savings identified by AMIS in its first 10 years could have been as much as £300 million. Individual organisations have realised savings in excess of £20 million for a single site and as much as $400 million for global multinationals.

This is a client testimonial of MCP’s Change Management Programme by Brian O’Sullivan – Engineering Systems Specialist, MSD Ireland.

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