Failing to meet customer delivery targets?


The company, an air conditioning plant, identified issues regarding poor process flow in the production areas, rising volumes of waste within the factory and significant deteriorating quality levels. In addition, the company was experiencing an escalation in the failure of meeting customer delivery targets, primarily caused by quality issues and delays and subsequent product availability.

The agreed business objectives were:

  • The business required support in delivering significant process improvements
  • Upskill the existing team members and develop a core of internal process experts
  • Focus on removing wasteful processes and improve the end to end time to produce
  • Improve manufacturing output quality
  • Reduce breakdowns and changeover times


A range of training programmes focused on Lean Thinking, including improvement workshops for Rapid Changeover (SMED), Workplace Organisation (5S) and Process Mapping were designed specifically to support the changes required. A combination of classroom and production area events were delivered over a period of 3 months to a wide range of operators and technicians closely involved in the production and manufacturing process.

As part of the solution, single processes were identified and the significance of recording (by video) each process allowed the groups to understand how processes were slowed and quality impacted. One such manufacturing set up process was recorded and timed at 30 minutes. After an improvement workshop where opportunities were identified and implemented, the process was recorded again and an 18% improvement was delivered.

The process has been targeted for further improvements with a progressive and incremental target planned of less than 10 minutes.


  • Improved efficiencies in quality and production times
  • Process Mapping exercises delivered greater understanding of the end to end process and identified opportunities for waste reduction
  • Working with the production team a reorganisation of working areas, delivering improved flow
  • Improvement in machinery set up times and changeovers
  • 1st attempt improvement in process recorded at 18%
  • Standardised work jigs – removed variation
  • Redesign of certain critical tools for greater and wider use
  • Introduction of Standard Operating Procedures and Kanban systems

MCP Consulting Group offers a range of Continuous Improvement courses including Lean Practitioner, Rapid Changeover, Kaizen, Process Mapping and Problem Solving using RCA, OEE and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

“To support business best practice we provide a range of City & Guilds courses from our Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Asset Management and Technical Skills training programme offers.”

“All our courses are carefully designed to deliver improved manufacturing capability and performance.”

Peter Gagg, CEO, MCP Consulting Group Ltd

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