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Smaller technical service structuralised with Ultimo Lite


The bakery of Bakker Schat has a small technical service department. After a reorganisation, that reduced the Technical service to two people, the company went looking for a way to become more structured and organised. Ultimo Lite came to the rescue: Ultimo Lite offers at all times insight into the ongoing, scheduled and completed work and reports can be compiled very easily. A structured method, saving time and costs and because the SaaS solution that boasts a subscription for software is used, the bakery does not need to worry about management and upkeep of the application.

About Bakker Schat
Bakker Schat is a fully independent and industrial bakery, owned by the Schipper family. They have been baking bread since 1928, and their company’s motto is: ‘only the best is good enough for our customers’. The bakery is an informal workplace, with short lines of communication and a few hierarchical layers. About 60 people work here. Due to reasons of efficiency, the number of people on the technical staff was reduced to two. Bart Zegers is one of them, responsible for all work related to technical maintenance.

No Knowledge Management
Because of the people leaving, a lot of knowledge and information was lost. Maintenance was only stored ‘in the minds of the employees’, and in a few weekly lists written in Excel. The two Technical service employees were not only confronted with a large diversity of work and responsibilities but also with quite some catching up to do regarding information and knowledge. People realised that preservation of maintenance information was essential. First of all to prevent similar situations in future; also so information can be retrieved and reported quickly and simply, without losing valuable time.

The bakery started to study maintenance management systems. They also wanted the option of professional maintenance planning. Previously this was done in Excel, but this lacked an integrated description of scope.


Ultimo Lite
When looking into maintenance management systems the bakery quickly decided on Ultimo. The bakery had some previous experience with Ultimo, which is why they knew that Ultimo software is a proven solution within the bakery market. Ultimo Lite perfectly matched the needs and wants: both preventive and corrective maintenance work can be managed with the software, creating a maintenance history, maintenance planning can be made, maintenance contracts can be managed, hours and costs can be registered on work order level and extensive reports are available in the software out-of-the-box. The decision was made to use Ultimo Lite in a Software as a Service environment (SaaS). The software is installed on an external server and made available to the bakery online, as a subscription. No investments in IT infrastructure were necessary and even though the bakery is the owner of the data they do not have to worry about backups or maintenance hardware or software.

Commissioning and setting up a maintenance management system is a job that requires a lot of thought. To plan this process Bakker Schat got in touch with another bakery that uses Ultimo and became inspired. Next, they filled in their data inventory. After a short instruction, this Excel template is easy to complete and it can be read into Ultimo, so the database is filled. “We were also able to ask Ultimo our questions, so we could make the right choices for the set-up of the software”, says Zegers. And because the organisation had not previously used a professional maintenance management system, the choice was made to gradually phase in the various functionalities.


Using Ultimo
Focus during commissioning was on failure registration and installation management. Registering failures is often done “afterwards”. First the failure occurs, then it is solved and afterwards, it is registered in Ultimo, so at least a maintenance history is compiled. This may well be improved in the future, so operators will be able to report failures in Ultimo as well.

The compilation of maintenance history has resulted in the use of default reports and management reports in Ultimo. An example of a report that is used a lot is the ‘Top 10 failure causes’. This generates a list of the failure causes that occur the most. “The reports give us an overview, meaning that our analyses are much more precise”, Zegers explains, “reports allow us to suggest improvements which lower our expenses.” Periodical maintenance is the next step of commissioning. Maintenance plans are incorporated in Ultimo bit by bit and a start has been made with maintenance contracts, which will also be phased into Ultimo.

The use of Ultimo Lite means that the activities of the Technical service department of the bakery have become more structured. “Information is recorded in a concise manner. This not only helps you, but your colleagues also benefit. The result is continuity.” The recorded maintenance history means you can save time and reduce costs. “Not so much time is spent searching for the right information. The application provides the right info to take well-founded decisions”.

About Ultimo Software Solutions Ltd.
Ultimo Software Solutions is a software company that has been active in developing, selling and supporting software for the functional management of business assets and processes since 1988. Ultimo’s main offices based in the Netherlands and its subsidiaries are located in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

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