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Irn-Bru gets them through – A.G. Barr achieves World-Class!


Irn-Bru gets them through and A.G. Barr achieves World-Class within 2 Years!

A.G.Barr’s Milton Keynes site was first assessed using The AMIS Assessment in November 2016 and an improvement plan agreed. Following subsequent AMIS Assessments in 2017 and again in 2018, Milton Keynes has achieved ‘World-Class Performance’ through MCP’s AMIS Journey within an impressive two-year period.

A.G. BARR has been in the business of quenching the nation’s thirst since 1875, creating and selling some of the UK’s best-loved soft drinks in the process, including the iconic IRN-BRU and market-leading RUBICON exotic fruit juice drink.



The Milton Keynes site, opened in October 2013, is the regional office, production and distribution centre and since then has seen a tenfold increase in output.

As part of a planned Continuous Improvement Programme and a well-developed maintenance strategy, MCP Consulting Group Ltd. was requested to support Asset Management and Maintenance Improvement across the site. The AMIS Journey (Asset Maintenance Improvement System), was facilitated by MCP and used to measure A.G. Barr’s asset maintenance performance on a consistent basis against a worldwide benchmark of peer group companies.


Amongst the impressive results are: 

  • 4–5% OEE increase last 12 months
  • >15-year old process equipment performs as new
  • >98% assets captured on CMMS system
  • 100% Preventative Maintenance Schedule Completion Rate
  • Asset Criticality Process conducted on all assets and output loaded onto CMMS
  • Operators raising work requests directly on the CMMS
  • >30 continuous improvement work requests raised per month on CMMS
  • Lean techniques have been applied to maintenance activities

Results show that the site is well above the Soft Drinks Sector average for all the assessed sections, including General Maintenance, Cost Management, Productivity, Materials Management and Training & Safety.

Production equipment maintenance standards are World-Class, Operators can raise work orders for faults directly onto the CMMS system and new fault tagging systems have been introduced in addition to a rigorous Root Cause Analysis process.

A.G.Barr Milton Keynes has proved that by developing a maintenance strategy, with a focus on CI, supported by a team-based approach, organisations are able to achieve World-Class Performance which delivers significant savings and performance improvements – in record time.


The AMIS Journey focuses on improving asset maintenance effectiveness, methods and systems. The AMIS Assessment is designed to benchmark an organisation’s performance, identify the gaps against best practice and create the scope for improvement.

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It is the spirit and attitude of IRN BRU’s brand, summarised in the tagline and campaign which has truly inspired A.G.Barr’s staff to prove that Irn-Bru really ‘does get you through’.

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