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With more than 98 establishments in 28 countries and more than 7900 employees, Recticel is an international industrial player with the ambition to make an essential difference in everyone’s daily experience of comfort. Recticel uses their expertise in PU chemistry to respond responsibly to the challenges their customers face and to create added value for the clients, shareholders, partners and employees. Recticel Group has divided its activities into 4 business lines: Recticel Flexible Foams (product attributes such as silencing, sealing and filtering), Recticel Bedding (mattresses, slatted bed bases and box springs), Recticel automotive (interior trim activities and seating solutions) and Recticel Insulation.

Ian Dodd is Engineering Manager at Recticel UK. The Recticel Insulation business lines offer high-quality thermal insulation products that are used directly in construction projects and building renovations. The products are marketed under well-known brand names such as Eurowall®, Powerroof®, Powerdeck®, Powerwall®, Xentro®, etc. The British site in Stoke-on-Trent has approximately 130 employees and is responsible for all insulation production and distribution within the United Kingdom.

Mr Dodd is responsible for all aspects of carrying out maintenance activities within the factory. Together with a Technical Service team consisting of 11 technicians, activities in the field of reactive and preventive maintenance are conducted. In addition, Mr Dodd collects all kinds of data from machine stoppages in order to analyse and publish information and to create awareness and insights on machine efficiency and downtime.

To contribute to Recticel Insulation’s production output, this data collection is very important for reducing downtime and stoppages and increasing output volumes. “For me, keeping the machines’ efficiencies on target is the most important maintenance challenge”, says Mr Dodd.


Ultimo Maintenance Management Software
To achieve this goal, adequate information about machinery, assets and related history is essential. Recticel Insulation uses the Ultimo Maintenance Management Software to do so. In 2013, the site in Stoke-on-Trent joined the existing Ultimo implementation, where other Recticel sites within Europe have been using the software since 2010. Recticel uses the software to register all technical asset-related information such as manuals, bills of materials, drawings, contracts and maintenance activities.

As machine histories are invaluable for the technicians in reducing downtime and stoppages, the registration in Ultimo is very helpful. Information about former reactive maintenance activities, like failure causes, downtime, required spare parts and specialists that were necessary to solve failure can always be consulted in one central database. It allows the Technical Service to quickly gain insight into the machine’s history when new failures occur. Trend analysis on the production lines can be conducted on these failure histories too so failures might be predicted and prevented from occurring.

The Ultimo Maintenance Management software also supports preventive maintenance activities. By entering a preventive maintenance schedule, which could be based on the manufacturer’s instructions, work orders can be generated on a frequent basis along with related maintenance instructions. Required preventive tasks cannot be forgotten anymore, which benefits the machine’s condition and the effectiveness of the Technical Service.

Integrated Modules Supporting Maintenance Jobs
Recticel Insulation also uses modules that are integrated into Ultimo Software such as the Job Planner. The Job Planner ensures efficiency planning of reactive and/or preventive maintenance jobs in a colourful and visualised manner. Based on the timetable of the Technical Service, activities are always planned when the required capacity is available.

Contracts with third parties are also managed in Ultimo. Contracts can be related to machines and work orders so the execution of maintenance activities by third parties can be monitored effectively. For the ordering process of spare parts or other related materials, the Stock Management & Purchase module is used. This module is closely related to the work order process so materials can be ordered on the basis of the maintenance activities that have been executed or are about to be executed.

Recticel Insulation is considering the use of Ultimo Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) modules, like Incident Management, Work Permits and LockOut TagOut (LOTO), the process around safety, health and environment can be supported and will help Recticel Insulation to create an even safer work environment.


Ultimo’s Top 3 Advantages for Recticel Insulation
For Recticel, one of the most important advantages of using the Ultimo Software is the collection of data and information. In this manner, all relevant information for the management of the machines is centralised into one accessible user-friendly software application. The second advantage is the possibility to plan all maintenance activities in an easy and structured way, and the third advantage for Recticel is the automatic generation of historical maintenance information that provides insight and KPIs and helps Recticel to make the right maintenance-related decisions for the future.

Compared with the past situation before the introduction of Ultimo Maintenance Management, Recticel Insulation now experiences complete transparency and readily available information in one central place. Ian Dodd: “The software has given us structure and discipline that was not there before.”

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