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Delivering a change management programme – Dubai Airports


Engineering the Future

Question – How to increase efficiency and reduce costs in a growth environment.

Challenge – Break the link between maintenance cost and increasing assets acquisition.

Dubai International Airport has grown to become the world’s largest international airport serving over 90 million passengers per year. Engineering and Facility maintenance costs are a significant operating expenditure which, if not managed meticulously, can spiral out of control as growth and expansion take place.

Additionally, this period has seen the asset base increase from approximately 175,000 to over 600,000 individual maintainable assets. Employing over 2,500 direct employees and contract staff, the challenge of maintaining control seemed impossible.

However, after working with MCP over a period of 5 years, the Engineering Services team has successfully implemented a comprehensive change programme which has met the original objective of asset reliability and forecasted costs without reducing staff numbers.

This is a client testimonial of MCP’s Change Management Programme by Chris Garton – Executive Vice President of Operations, Dubai Airports.


How was this achieved?

An initial AMIS Assessment and international benchmarking exercise of the current status of the engineering systems, methods, skills and management information was carried out across the various departments. The result, using MCP’s The AMIS Assessment and international benchmarking system, placed the airport in the ‘In Control’ category but identified significant opportunities for improvement.

The initial gap analysis was then used as the basis of the change programme; this involved:

  • Defining the asset management strategy and associated business processes
  • Reviewing and revising the preventive maintenance workload to eliminate non-value adding tasks
  • Supporting the implementation of Maximo in accordance with the business processes
  • Revising the organisation structure and organisation arrangements across the unit to ensure common structures, standard job roles, minimum numbers of layers between the VP and technicians
  • Through a comprehensive training programme, technicians, supervisors managers and engineers were provided with enhanced additional skills to enable them to carry out their roles effectively using the business processes
  • A Continuous Improvement / Quick Wins programme encouraged technicians, supervisors and engineers to come up with ideas for improvement which could be implemented in the short-term
  • Contractors were also involved in the change programme through the development of a revised approach to contracts moving from input to output based contracts to develop better ways of working within a longer contract period term


The outcomes of the Engineering Services change programme have been:

  • Reliability of assets has increased
  • Costs have been reduced against the forecast budget
  • Increased skills and competency of workforce (more than 500 people were trained in job specific topics)
  • No redundancy or loss of jobs

“MCP provided the tools and techniques to enable our engineering teams to deliver cost savings and efficiencies without increasing staff numbers, whilst continuing not only to grow the asset base in size but also increase the quality of its performance and in particular, reliability.

MCP’s ability to expose and challenge assumptions has built a strong partnership and created a long-term relationship that is sustainable, innovative and delivers real value.”

Chris Garton, Senior Vice President – Dubai Airports Limited

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