A Boardroom Report. Achieving Excellence in Asset Management.

For the past 30 years, MCP Consulting Group has established itself as a world leader in maintenance, reliability and asset management consultancy with a global footprint across a wide range of industries including food & drink, pharmaceutical, chemical, power & utilities, airport & transportation and other manufacturing. Its client base ranges from large blue-chip multinationals right through to small single site operations.

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The broad experience of MCP’s consulting team has helped many organisations achieve some remarkable successes over the years, with most going on to see sustainable improvements in their operations for many years after MCP’s initial involvement. Companies frequently report results such as a reduction of 35-50% in breakdowns, removal of 25-50% of ineffective preventive maintenance hours and productivity step change improvements from 40-80% over just a few months!

Our recently published ‘Boardroom Report’ is vital reading for any executive concerned with the challenges of ‘2030’ and the future direction of their organisation. It is a concise but insightful boardroom level testimony into what is needed to propel a company’s operations to world-class status with associated benefits – whether financial, quality, production or waste-related. Although less easily quantifiable, the corollary of employee morale and job satisfaction cannot be underestimated.

Information is there – use it!

This is the ‘Information Age’. The abundance of ‘Big Data’ (the large volume of data – structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis) and the rapid expansion of cloud-based technology, together with the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), mean that diagnostic and improvement capabilities across industry are currently at an all-time high – a trend that appears set to continue. Despite its increasing availability, ‘Big Data’ remains significantly underutilised in most industries for enhancing human behaviour and improvement journeys. An organisation’s ability to tap into and exploit this value stream will be a notable determining factor in determining whether it will prosper, tread water or ultimately fade away over the coming years.

Integrating technology

MCP Consulting Group has recently joined forces with a group of technology partners who have the proven capability to capture and use asset and production data in real time. This immediate availability of information allows operators to monitor the health of their equipment and production processes via handheld devices or laptops so readily available in the modern workplace. As a consequence, employees can respond to anomalies more rapidly than in the past and thereby avoid production losses resulting from the failure of processes drifting outside their design parameters. The ability to integrate ‘Big Data’ with existing CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) provides further advantages, not least of which is that organisations usually do not need to modify their existing IT systems to make them compatible with the new data sources.

The Boardroom Report provides some valuable insights into such technologies, with a selection of our clients’ case studies describing the benefits that they realised from using the information effectively.

Harnessing valuable assessments and survey data

Since MCP’s early days, the robust and MCP developed assessment tool – ‘AMIS’ (Asset Management Information Service), has been used extensively around the world. Using AMIS, MCP has supported its clients on their improvement journeys; these are tailored to meet their own context and organisational requirements. The knowledge gained through these assessments and the subsequent improvement programmes has enabled MCP to publish its cutting-edge portfolio of world-class methods, measures and value-adding initiatives upon which its clients have based their success stories over the past 3 decades.

In addition to AMIS, MCP has researched a wide range of industry performance indicators across multiple sectors. Formal surveys done over 25 years with more than 500 companies have provided a detailed database of industry norms, performance and statistics. From this data, MCP has identified measures and performance targets for low, average and high-performing organisations in every sector surveyed. This gives a unique insight into what ‘good’ looks like. Armed with this knowledge, each organisation can embark on its improvement journey with managed expectations about what is typically achievable with the prevailing technology in their industry sector. These performance indicators and benchmarks detailed in the Boardroom Report reveal why only about 2% of UK companies are currently ranked as ‘World-Class’.

Conclusion – addressing the challenges of the next 10 years

MCP is proud to be a preferred strategic partner of some of the world’s best-known brands; we continue to raise the bar on excellence in industry – and the best is yet to come. Now find out how you can harness the valuable data published in the Boardroom Report, using it to benefit your own organisation. Your FREE copy of the report is waiting!

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