This month Dave Porrill has been on-site with Sembcorp Utilities UK at their Wilton site, Redcar.  Following the AMIS assessment conducted late last year, MCP has commenced an improvement programme with Sembcorp that will raise productivity levels and improve multiple systems across the site. Activities are expected to run for many months, even a few years in some areas.

One of the first steps in the programme is to develop a site-wide strategy, formally known as a “Strategic Asset Management Plan”, or SAMP, which will serve as the “North Star” to guide the improvement journey over the next few years.  Dave has been meeting with groups of representatives from all the main operational departments to identify issues and opportunities as an entry point to the development of the SAMP. 

Lead from the top

It is imperative that such a journey must be led from the top, which Sembcorp has recognised by assigning one of the senior leadership team to drive the programme internally, alongside the MCP consultants.  Having a broad selection of representatives involved in the strategy development discussions will maximise the buy-in and ownership of the programme by all teams on site – another vital aspect of ensuring the success of such an initiative.

Parallel activity support

In a parallel activity, MCP’s Dave Fishwick has been on-site providing coaching support to the maintenance team to help them prepare for the important role they will play in the improvement journey.

Stay tuned in for more updates over the coming weeks…