Our Process

Assess, engage and improve

Our process can be tailored to meet your needs and is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to meet your needs. It is the streamlined outcome of four decades for hundreds of clients.

Through best practice, and with 40 years of on-project experience, MCP’s targeted and benefits-driven approach can be used to help you continuously assess, engage and improve.


The first process to improvement is to measure the current business and scope for improvement; identifying opportunities for reducing cost and improving efficiency levels. To break down the barriers to improvement.


The second process is to build a robust framework which provides structure for the workforce; improved employee morale, cooperation and organisational commitment; successful adoption of new processes and systems that deliver positive outcomes. To build stronger business communities


The final process to improvement is minimising cost and improving key performance measures; combining the knowledge and skills of the operations and maintenance teams; ensuring these are supported by the other business functions to achieve these goals. To drive sustainable business change.

A successful specialist consultancy

MCP has grown into a successful consulting business operating on a worldwide basis through a network of offices and associates.

MCP provides specialist services in:

  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Business Improvement, Manufacutring and Human Resources
  • Stores and Inventory services
  • Technology products and IOT services
  • Technical skills and asset management maintenance training

Our vast experience enables us to deliver high-quality efficient and effective support services. Our consulting portfolio is cross-platform and cross-industry, including sizable and complex projects within the mining, oil & gas, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

As your strategic partner – we can mobilise a skilled and motivated team to meet your needs either as a full-service provider or part of an integrated team.

Together we have successfully offered customers the broadest range of support, responding to them professionally and in the quickest timescale to produce outstanding results.

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