MCP Consulting Group Ltd. and our Technology Partners are focused on supporting clients’ future business objectives, and this has given us firm foundations upon which to grow. Our rapidly expanding global partnership network offer clients a wide range of technical expertise and complementary software products.

Ultimo CMMS is 100% web-based. CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System, which is a software solution used by maintenance departments to register and process information related to the maintenance processes.

As a computerised maintenance management system, it gives you control of your maintenance processes, cost management and the uptime and lifecycle of your assets. A maintenance manager can then use the information stored in the CMMS to monitor and optimise maintenance processes, policy, ongoing contracts, uptime/downtime of assets and maintenance management. It increases your grip on maintenance processes and actively contributes to the improvement of safety processes (EHS) on the work floor.
Ultimo is a very user-friendly and Flexible CMMS.

Supply Chain Management Solutions – The future will see the industry continue to connect and control the supply chain environment. Offering a range of solutions with the ability to collect and interpret data provides companies with far greater visibility of their assets than has ever been possible before. This service is designed as a complete supplier-to-end-user inventory control for indirect materials such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), tools and supplies for the industrial market.

The portfolio comprises a range of automated dispensing cabinets, SmartStores Apps, Smartie tags, all linked to a powerful Cloud-Based SaaS Platform, that caters for different scopes of inventory supply, all of which can be tailored to suit the client’s individual needs. We believe that providing information to businesses about the stock and assets they manage, together with control and accountability, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

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Engineering Data Management Solutions – Data Management Solutions can make a real difference to customers by combining our experience in managing engineering assets with expertise in asset information management. Together this offers a multi-disciplinary service and end-to-end solution.

Web, mobile and SaaS-based solutions help our customers to create operational efficiencies and give them greater control over their projects. The fusion of new technology with robust asset management consultancy is a winning combination.






Strong Partnerships

In today’s highly competitive markets, successful companies anticipate their customers’ needs and develop innovative products. This is only possible through our network or if you are part of a network of companies concentrating on your specific strengths.

At MCP we have established long-standing relationships with a number of core partners both in the UK and overseas. We work closely with our suppliers, ‘on the front line’, helping serve our customers – this is critical to project success.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Shaping the way we do business and is changing the landscape of manufacturing. However, the added value and real transformation occurring today is to move towards a higher level of data integrity. Those companies that embrace the ‘single source of truth’ for all data and fuse this with benchmarking products and improvement processes gain a 360° view that drives their business improvements.

It is true that technological advances are shaping the way in which we do business. As a result of technology, and slick business processes, organisations can run more efficiently, lower their costs and improve operating performance to achieve the best possible return on investment.

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