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Training Needs Analysis

Why you need a Training Needs Analysis from MCP

Through the introduction of a robust training and development plan, there is an opportunity to:

  1. Improve morale and motivation and job satisfaction
  2. Improve performance and service to stores
  3. Develop staff and give them an individual training plan
  4. Define the maintenance roles more clearly
  5. Retain staff for longer
  6. Have evidence of competence and records of training
  7. Comply with legislation
  8. Reduce costs (through less waiting time) to stores through flexibility
  9. Embed a transparent grading structure
  10. Reduce reliance on mobile/regional/contracted staff
  11. Align training with business needs

We have two main approaches to establishing training needs, namely the classic training needs analysis and a competence based approach.

Approach 1 versus approach 2.

The classic TNA (Training Needs Analysis) is a much broader way of examining what maintenance technicians get involved in. The competence based approach is narrower but an output from it is evidence of competence – at least you can be sure that they are safe, following successful completion of the competences.  A combination of approach 1 and approach 2 might be appropriate.

Approach 1 – Classic TNA

The Classic Training Needs Analysis Approach from MCP inludes the following:

  • Communication sessions – All stakeholders attend a brief presentation outlining the process, explaining how this method is objective, fair and recognised as Best Practice.
  • Task analysis
  • Skills audit
  • Development of individual training plans
  • Sourcing and scheduling of training
  • Delivery of training

Approach 2 – Practical Competence based

We have extensive experience of providing competence assessments for both your existing staff and new recruits. We customise the assessment to meet your requirements.  The Practical competence approach includes:

  • Communication sessions
  • Task analysis – vocationally competent maintenance engineers walk the job with the technicians, listing each task that the maintenance technicians undertake.
  • Identification of core competences
  • Design of assessments – we will work closely with you to ensure that the assessments fit in with best practice and your company procedures.
  • Sourcing and scheduling of training
  • Delivery of training
  • Job roles and profile


Training tailored to brewery needs

Read about the Training Needs Analysis MCP carried out at Heineken’s Royal Brewery, Manchester.  To find out more about our Training Needs Analysis or talk to somebody about your TNA requirements, please email MCP or call +44 (0) 121 506 9034.