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ISO 55000 Aligned Training Courses

ISO 55000 Training Courses

MCP is an IAM (Institute of Asset Management) endorsed assessor and trainer for ISO 55000 aligned training courses.


Reserve your space now on the December 1-3 ISO 55000 aligned Asset Management Principles, Policy and Strategy Course in Solihull.

ISO 55000 aligned Asset Management Principles, Policy and Strategy Course

Who should attend this course?

Delegates who need to understand the relationship between asset management and risk management in a strategic framework.

Why should you attend this course?

To consider asset management within its whole life framework and understand how asset management relates to the identification and management of risk in any business. This course is aligned with PAS 55 (2008) and ISO 55000/1/2:2014 and the IAM competency framework 2008, and utilises examples from a wide industry sector.

As one of the Institute of Asset Management’s Endorsed Training Providers, MCP’s course will provide a knowledge and understanding in respect of:

  • Asset Management (AM) best practice
  • The Asset Management Life Cycle
  • The relationship between asset management and risk management
  • The functional condition and performance of assets, information requirements related to the life cycle of an asset
  • Factors influencing an asset’s whole life cost
  • The certification process & Self-Assessment


The course will focus on:

  • Asset Management Key Principles & Fundamentals
  • Asset Management Policy & Strategy Development
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Asset Management Life-cycle Phases
  • Risk Management & Performance Improvement
  • Asset Management Information Requirements and Decision Making
  • PAS 55 & ISO 55000/1/2 assessments and auditing requirements


3 days


Institute of Asset Management


December 1-3 in Solihull

January 26-28 in Solihull


ISO 55000 1 Day Awareness Course

MCP’s ISO 55000/PAS 55 1 day training course will increase your understanding of what ISO 55000/PAS 55 involves. It will also provide you with an awareness of the requirements for compliance and certification.

Course Content

Introduction to ISO 55000/PAS 55

  • The asset management standard
  • History and current status
  • Applicability of ISO 55000
  • Benefits of adopting ISO 55000

ISO 55000 standard

  • Structure (Parts 1 and II)
  • Content of ISO 55000
  • Requirements for compliance
  • Achieving compliance
  • Process
  • Roadmap and timescales

PAS 55 supporting tools

  • Competence framework
  • Self assessment tool

Gap Analysis review
ISO 55000 Case study


1 day

Dates & Location

Find out more about ISO 55000 – Contact MCP to arrange your onsite course for up to 10 delegates.


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