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Mechanical to Electrical Training

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Why attend MCP’s Mechanical to Electrical Training Course?

MCP’s mechanical to electrical conversion training  is a City and Guilds accredited course and is designed for technicians who have no previous electrical background, to enable them to multi-skill and work on specific electrical tasks competently and safely. This is ideal for technicians that are taking up responsibility of electrical installations. This is the first electrical course any delegate from a mechanical background should enrol on.


On successful completion of the mechanical to electrical conversion training course, delegates will have completed a range of competence assessments including, isolation, termination of a range of cables, plugs and sockets, replacing and resetting protective devices, replacing motors and sensors on a like for like bases. The training course will teach you the following:

  • Basic electrical theory (AC & DC)
  • Dangers of electricity and means of safe isolation
  • Earthing systems and types of supply
  • Transformers and LV distribution
  • Motors, starters and control circuits
  • Generators and standby supplies
  • Circuit configurations and over current protection
  • Introduction to inspection and testing

How is the mechanical to electrical training delivered?

The course content is taught at one of our training centres (dependant on course location). Here you will learn the theory, while we also try to apply hands on practical work, to help give you practical experience. The training course will be assessed through written examinations.

What are the benefits of the training course?

Our mechanical to electrical conversion training is beneficial to both the employer and delegate. It gives the delegate a good understanding and level of compliance with electrical installations and legislation. While the employer will benefit from having a higher skilled workforce, who are competent and confident to carry out electrical work.

“Up-skilling our mechanical technicians across production and maintenance has helped us to motivate our staff and reduce down time.” Muller Dairy

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  • City & Guilds Accredited
  • NVQ Certification of Unit Credit (part 4)

 Mechanical to Electrical Training Part 1

  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency Isolation
  • Supply Systems, Single and Three Phase, Reduced and Extra Low Voltage
  • Protective Devices, Fuses, MCB’s, RCD’s and Overloads
  • Cable Systems and Terminations
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Use of Instruments


4 days

Course Price

£955 +VAT

Dates & Location

Mechanical to Electrical Part 1: April 20-23 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Part 1: September 14-17 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Training Part 2

  • Health and Safety
  • Isolation up to 400 Volts Three Phase
  • Test and connect Three Phase motors D.O.L.
  • Replace and Setting Motor Overloads
  • Introduction to Inverters
  • Use of Instruments to Measure Continuity and Insulation Resistance.


4 Days

 Course Price



Part 2 – March 23-26 in Reading

Part 2 – May 18-21 in Reading

Part 2  – October 5-8 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Training Part 3

  • Health and Safety including relevant parts of Electricity at Work Regulations and BS7671
  • Simple Relay Control Circuits
  • Control Devices including Limit Switches and Proximity Devices
  • Fault Finding on Single and 3 Phase Systems
  • Reading Electrical Drawings
  • Review of Parts 1 and 2 and Final Written Exam


4 days

Course Price

£955 + VAT.   Save £500 and take advantage of MCP’s Training Bundle – booking all four parts at once will save you £500.

Dates & Location

Mechanical to Electrical  Training Course Part 3 – April 27-30 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Training Course Part 3 – June 15-18 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Training Course Part -  November 16-19 in Reading

Mechanical to Electrical Training Part 4

Transfer the training you’ve learnt in Parts 1-3 into the workplace. You select the electrical tasks, and we work with you to plan implementation.


  • Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Use of Instruments
  • Drawings and Diagrams
  • Fault Finding on single and 3 phase systems
  • Component testing
  • Fault finding techniques


4 days – plus time spent building portfolio

Course Price

£955 + VAT


Mechanical to Electrical Part 4: July 20-23

Mechanical to Electrical Part 4: October 26-29

Mechanical to Electrical Part 4: December 14-17

Why learn with MCP?

MCP Consulting and Training are highly experienced, having worked with a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries providing Asset Management and Operational Excellence Improvement programme.   Our Mechanical to Electrical training course is taught by industry experts, who are trained to respond to the needs and requirements of the organisation and delegate.

The training courses we offer are city & guilds accredited and are delivered with quality, ensuring your workforce develops the required skills and operates at a higher skill level. We also encourage practical application throughout our courses, helping delegates gain a good understanding of industry equipment and uses.

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