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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Course Dates and Location

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling in Solihull, March 1-2

Planning and Scheduling In a Lean Maintenance Environment

Many companies are implementing Lean Manufacturing initiatives to streamline their operations. Operators are being asked to perform equipment maintenance such as routine cleaning, equipment inspections, adjustments, and minor repairs. As part of these initiatives, the overall maintenance process is also being analysed.

  • How will the maintenance department, which is minimally sized, function in this new environment?
  • What types of waste can be eliminated? Is the Preventive Maintenance program optimised?
  • Is the proper Predictive Maintenance programme in place?
  • How will planning and scheduling be affected?
  • Proper planning and scheduling practices will help address many of these issues.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 2 Day Training Course Synopsis

Effective maintenance planning and control is the cornerstone of an effective maintenance management system, essential to the success of a lean manufacturing programme.

An organisation can invest in the best technology, resources, software, and condition monitoring. It can implement TPM, autonomous work teams, value driven maintenance and still be an ineffective and inefficient organisation if its maintenance planning processes are not effective.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is designed to provide an understanding of the principles of work planning. It deals with all aspects of work management concerned with:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Corrective / repairs / refurbishment
  • Maintenance projects

It will provide you with the basis for implementing effective and efficient work planning resources.

Course Content

  • The importance of maintenance work planning in asset care strategy
  • Preliminary planning
  • Job definition policy
  • Job prioritisation
  • Planned and unplanned work
  • Work estimating
  • Equipment criticality
  • Planning and scheduling work
  • Work planning and control


Delegates will be capable of reviewing and revising their in house approach in work management. Each delegate will develop a process map for their sites work management process. Outline action plans will be developed.

Who Should Attend?

MCP’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course is designed for anyone assigned the responsibility for planning work within a maintenance environment, this will include: Maintenance Managers, Planners, Work Managers, Project Managers, Maintenance and Production Supervisors and Team Leaders. People who are new to maintenance should first attend the two day “Maintenance Explained” course.


2 Days

Course Price

£595 + VAT


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training