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Lean Training Courses

What is lean thinking?

MCP offers accredited lean training courses that can help you create more value for customers by identifying inefficiencies in your company and eliminating them. So what is lean thinking? The main idea behind lean thinking is to create maximum value for your customers while minimising the resources that are being used. This process involves optimising processes and aiming to have zero waste.

Our lean training courses are specifically for businesses that are seeking to improve the efficiency of their processes and improve project management. The benefits that businesses have noticed since implementing lean is significant:

  • Improved employee involvement and company culture

  • Lower levels of inventory

  • Improved productivity – higher output

  • Improved quality – higher customer satisfaction

  • Stronger supplier relations

  • Quicker development and delivery

Overall a lean strategy will provide a host of benefits, while having a positive financial impact on your company. As one of the primary aims of our lean training is to help you eliminate stock, as while stock may be an asset, it can be a big problem in your business. It is important to ensure you are never over stocked as stock costs you money and time to store, move and maintain it.

Training to support your manufacturing

MCP provide a range of on-site lean training courses to help you achieve lean manufacturing excellence and deliver the highest possible levels of plant efficiency and reliability. This approach includes consulting and lean training in:

  • Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  • 5S and TPM
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Logical approach to fault finding
  • Business Improvement Techniques
  • Changeover Time Reduction
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Waste Elimination

Lean Training Programmes

MCP’s lean training courses are also designed to upskill individuals in Utilities, Service and office based environments. The programmes available include:

1 Day Lean Awareness Workshop

Designed for Managers and Team Leaders, this workshop aims to raise awareness of Lean Principles and their impact on business performance and how it is sustained.

Lean training objectives:

  • To understand Lean Thinking Principles
  • To demonstrate through active learning how the application of these principles can lead to significant performance improvement
  • To discuss the roles and responsibilities of management during the Lean Journey
  • To enable teams to reflect upon the performance of their own business units and to consider possible future actions

Lean Coach Training and Development

Organisations are now looking to develop their own Lean Coaches in order to create and sustain the capability for Continuous Improvement. The programme is spread over 7 Modules and provides participants with the skills, competencies and experience to drive and embed continuous improvement in both the commercial and operational areas of the business.


21 days of lean Training and Development

Enabling Skills Training Workshops

These Workshops are designed to train and develop Managers, Continuous Improvement (CI) agents and Team leaders in the skills required to support a Lean CI programme. The interactive programme is a 5 day classroom based training workshop, and covers topics such as:

  • Advanced Facilitation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Problem solving
  • Effective Leadership

Lean Awareness Workshop for Managers and Team Leaders

Aim of the course:

The workshop aims to raise awareness of Lean Principles and their potential impact on business performance, and how it is sustained.

Who should attend:

Management teams and team-leaders

Course Objectives:

  •  To give the participants an understanding of the Lean Thinking Principles
  •  To demonstrate, through action learning, how the application of the principles can lead to significant performance improvement
  •  To discuss the roles and responsibilities of management teams
  •  To enable teams to reflect upon the performance of their own business units and to consider possible future actions.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Lean Thinking and how it relates to your organisation or business unit
  • Carry out a simulation – learn by doing
  • Discuss the main Principles of Lean Thinking
  • Putting the Principles into practice – an introduction to the Lean Toolkit
  • How do we sustain the improvements

Number of participants:

A maximum of 12 is recommended.

Lean Manufacturing Productivity Training