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Health and Safety

Worker health and safety threatened by plant maintenance failures – Europe-wide safe maintenance campaign officially launched

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has launched its new Healthy Workplaces Campaign for 2011, promoting safe maintenance across Europe. In some European countries as much as 20% of all workplace accidents are connected with maintenance and in a number of sectors over half of all accidents are maintenance-related.  Do you know whether your maintenance is being carried out properly? Try answering MCP’s 10 Maintenance questions.

Good plant maintenance is essential in preventing workplace risks, but can be itself a high risk activity for the workers that carry it out.  It is estimated that in Europe 10-15% of fatal accidents at work can be attributed to poorly executed maintenance operations. It is vital therefore, that maintenance is carried out properly, taking into consideration workers’ safety and health. To do this, companies need to understand and measure their Maintenance and Asset Management Performance.  

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MCP’s Health and Safety Training Courses

The management of Health, Safety and the Environment within the workplace encompasses many different areas and levels of expertise. By undertaking training with MCP you will be able to achieve a level of competence to meet the ever increasing demands of legislation by utilising the practical experience of our trainers.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive state that all businesses with more than 5 employees must:

  • Have competent advice to help them meet their health and safety duties
  • Provide health and safety training for their workers so that they know what hazards and risks they may face and how to deal with them

We can help you to comply with your legal obligations in any or all of the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment – guidance on how to identify and qualify hazards and risks in your workplace
  • Health and Safety Policy – compliance with the requirement for a written policy for all organisations employing 5 people or more
  • Training – enabling all employees to know what hazards or risks they face and how to deal with them
  • Facilities – what you need to satisfy basic health, safety and welfare needs
  • Reporting – creation of a reporting mechanism which fulfils your legal obligation to report work-related accidents


  • Ensure your organisation is fully compliant with the law
  • Reduce the risk to the business or its managers of incurring heavy fines, prohibition orders or even imprisonment
  • Give all your employees the reassurance that they are working in a safe environment
  • Reduce the number of working days lost to the business through ill health or injury, thereby increasing productivity

Find out about our course `Managing Safely for Maintenance Engineers, IOSH accredited’, developed in conjunction with the Royal Mail.

Health & Safety Training