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The AMIS Journey – Asset Management Improvement Service

AMIS – Helping you on the journey to Asset Care Excellence

MCP work with clients on a worldwide basis to deliver business improvements in manufacturing and maintenance.  Critical to business success is continuous assessment, improvement and engagement.  A key tool of the improvement journey is AMIS - Asset Management Information Service.  Read MCP’s article “What does World Class Asset Management Look Like?

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Celebrating 25 years of AMIS

It was 25 years ago that a survey commissioned by the DTI into the UK’s maintenance management practices revealed that an astounding £1.8 billion of potential savings could be made through increased understanding of maintenance management by industry. This led to the introduction of AMIS, the DTI supported benchmarking service provided by MCP.  By 1997 the DTI estimated that the AMIS approach had potentially saved UK industry over £300 Million.

Now 25 years on MCP has conducted their 3-5 day AMIS maintenance assessments at over 1500 sites worldwide, and helped in over 4000 Operational Improvement Programmes in industries ranging from food and drink, chemicals, automotive to pharmaceuticals.

AMIS has continuously evolved to measure the effectiveness of an organisation’s asset management systems, maintenance approach, organisational structure, training and development, computerised maintenance management systems and operational processes……more 25 years of AMIS

MCP’s 3 day maintenance assessment – AMIS Audit

Is your Maintenance being carried out properly and safely and improving your production performance?

MCP has conducted the 3-5 day AMIS (Asset Management Information Service) Maintenance Assessment for over 1500 sites worldwide, and they have helped in over 4000 Operational Improvement Programmes and Lean Manufacturing strategies, in industries ranging from food and drink to pharmaceuticals. AMIS measures the effectiveness and efficiency of your maintenance, energy useage, operations, computer systems and people development.

“We have adopted the AMIS framework as the principle in which we deliver a consistent methodology across all our worldwide manufacturing operations to drive improvement in plant reliability and performance.” Diageo

Why you need MCP’s AMIS Maintenance Assessment

Reviewing your maintenance – MCP’s helpful check list will help you to ensure you are covering all aspects of maintenance and asset management activity. If you answer no to more than two of the questions you are missing an opportunity to reduce your maintenance costs and improve your plant performance, which typically results in lower cost of goods sold.

Read in the Manufacturer about the excellent feedback Diageo received when talking about their AMIS Journey at the Manufacturing Forum.

What a maintenance assessment involves:

A MCP Consultant will visit your site and undertake a detailed 3 day analysis and assessment of your maintenance practices, followed by a formal feedback session. The analysis will cover:

  • Strategy
  • Organisation
  • Workload
  • Costs
  • Systems

What the assessment covers:

There will also be a calculation of:

  • Performance scores
  • Key performance measures
  • Assessment of benefits
  • Development of action plans and service sectors


The AMIS Audit involves an MCP Consultant working on-site typically for 3-5 days. Audit programmes can be tailored to your requirements, with simple assessments taking only 1 day. Please tell me about your 1 day Maintenance health-check.

Benefits of an AMIS Audit – Assessing your maintenance

  • Increased Labour Utilisation
  • Increased OEE – Essential to any Lean Manufacturing strategy
  • Reduced Costs of Maintenance
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Computerised  Maintenance Management System
  • Focused Plan for Improvement
  • Identify the gap between best practice and your current performance

Benefits of an AMIS Audit – Benchmarking your maintenance:

  • Access to data covering all industry sectors
  • Comparison with your competitors in the same industry sector
  • Benchmarks of current performance against a World Class Standard
  • Indications of the potential financial improvements that can be achieved

What to do next?

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