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Benchmarking is a means of assessing the performance of an organisation industry or sector by comparing its performance with others in similar or the same sector.  Benchmarking can be used to:

  • Assess management effectiveness and business performance
  • Compare pre-defined factors or parameters amongst a group of the same organisations to identify areas of improvements.

MCP has provided benchmarking services to a wide range of clients and business sectors. Examples include:

  • Benchmarking individual companies against best practice criteria
  • Benchmarking performance of a company contracted to provide a maintenance service

MCP provide benchmarking and assessment services in a number of business functions and also provide bespoke benchmarking studies. Starting in 1987 when MCP developed the AMIS maintenance audit, MCP has built a suite of benchmarking and assessment tools which include:

  • AMIS Maintenance Audit
  • Spare Parts and Materials Management
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • CMMS effectiveness audit
  • Facilities Management (FMScan)
  • Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM)
  • Skills Assessment
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Contract Review
  • CMMS Effectiveness
  • Health and Safety compliance